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UK Ghost Brokers – Don’t even think about doing it in China

17 Feb 2015

Over the last few years the UK insurance industry has been blighted by the reputation damaging phenomenon of ghost insurance broking.

Thankfully instances of this criminal activity are far and few between. I’m sure that several successful media attention grabbing prosecutions have played a part in convincing would be ghost insurance brokers that engaging in this activity is a not a good idea.

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QBE hope Corrie’s ‘Street Cars’ have adequate Minibus Insurance

26 Jan 2015

As millions of TV viewers are gripped by the dramatic minibus crash on Coronation Street this week, Jason Cowlishaw, senior motor underwriter with QBE, is taking the opportunity to remind minibus operators of some essential advice in the event of an accident, and to also check with their insurance broker that they have adequate cover in place.

Driver responsibility

Posted by JasonCowlishaw | QBE Europe
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The Insurance Service Illusion is over – Are you ready?

02 Jun 2014

“You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time”

Bob Marley, ‘Get up Stand Up’ paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

I’ve always wondered how I might get to squeeze reggae deity Bob Marley into a blog about insurance.  I think I may have just pulled it off.  I’ll let you decide…

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FCA Price Comparison Websites thematic review – Good news

25 Nov 2013

The FCA’s thematic review of Price Comparison Websites (PCWs) is surely a welcome announcement. In the blurb on the FCA website, they say:

“Price comparison websites (PCWs) are a valuable tool for shopping around, but consumers may not be getting the best deal if they focus solely on price instead of the level of insurance cover.”

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Spending Power

23 Sep 2013

Mid-September saw the great and good of the international reinsurance market converge on the Cote D’Azur for the annual Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendez Vous, the greatest networking event of the year and one where the champagne industry receives a significant boost to its yearly turnover.

Yours truly was there, and I thought it might be interesting to reflect on how what was being said might impact the UK market going into 2014.  I know, I know, you’re thinking- what does

Posted by Marcus Alcock |
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Insurance Media - 'Give Insurers a break'

09 Sep 2013

I am going to talk about Aviva but the sentiments I express could apply to any of our major insurers.

I have watched intently as Aviva has been criticised in the press for the manner in which the current senior management have been acting.

Posted by Robin Wood | RWA Group
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Bare naked underwriting

13 Aug 2013
I write this sitting in a café in Montreuil sur mer, a lovely medieval walled town in Northern France. The ‘sur mer’ bit is wishful thinking as the sea receded centuries ago. Still, it’s a nice thought.
Why do I mention this? Well, look at the UK insurance market, a world where the sea no longer gently laps at the shoreline. The tide has long since gone out.
Of course, when a tide goes out we’re left with the flotsam and jetsam.
Posted by Marcus Alcock |
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