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Accusation of insurer/broker cyber insurance ‘scaremongering ’is wrong

31 Jan 2019

As someone who has reviewed 30 different cyber insurance policies for Cyber|Decider, (an on-line cyber policy wording comparison tool), I was surprised by the comments contained in a recent Insurance Age article.

Brokers and insurers were accused of ‘scaremongering’ to make companies buy cyber policies. Even more surprising was the suggestion that instead of buying a specific policy, businesses should look to extend their existing policies to cover their cyber risk, for example extending the professional indemnity policy to cover damages for third party data breaches.

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Cyber Insurance is too difficult for small brokers?

25 Oct 2017

As a trainer in cyber insurance, I spend a lot of time speaking to brokers around the country about the many complexities of cyber insurance policies. Often the conclusion from those brokers is that cyber insurance policies seem to have been written with the intent of making cyber insurance as hard as possible for brokers, and their clients.

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London insurance market underprepared for cyber-attack

10 Mar 2016

It was fascinating to read the results of Xchanging plc’s survey at the end of last year, which revealed that only one-third of insurers in the London Market believe their firm could withstand a major cyber-attack, and almost half felt they were underprepared, according to a survey conducted by the company.

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