The rise of parametric insurance: New thinking for the new normal

23 Jun 2020

I can’t recall a time when business interruption insurance was covered as much in the press; or as negatively.

It is a long-standing paradox; policy wordings are difficult to understand for many customers and so, are often misunderstood or remain unread completely while insurers are reluctant to rewrite these tried and tested wordings which have evolved over time by precedent, so as to avoid inadvertently exposing themselves to unintended risk.

Posted by Ruth Polyblank |
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InsurTech – Future or Fantasy

06 Sep 2018

NMU Executive Director, Nick Limb, talks about his love for technology but scepticism of InsurTech without human support

I love technology!

As anyone who knows me would steadfastly confirm, I’m a total tech geek. Anything that could be remotely described as electronic gadgetry will be in my possession and if it comes with an Apple, Android or Amazon sticker all the better. I have them all and constantly update to the latest versions whenever they are released.

Posted by Nick Limb | NMU
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A helping hand: Insurers could be key for brokers grappling with insurTech

11 May 2018

Despite the changes seen by our sector over the many years it has been in operation, one thing that has endured is the relationship between insurers and brokers. The partnership between the two has ebbed and flowed, with the advent of the direct-to-consumer model and the rise of aggregators fundamentally changing the nature of the partnership.

The new kid on the block, and something that will be discussed in detail at the upcoming BIBA conference, is insurtech, and the impact of new technology on the relationship between insurers and brokers should not be underestimated.

Innovate, Evolve, SURVIVE - The 4th industrial revolution

03 May 2018

Blimey, what a long winter and washout of an early spring we’ve had!   However, with the weather finally lifting a little a couple of weekends ago, I was able to give my postage stamp of a lawn a first mow of 2018.  As the aroma of freshly cut damp grass my wafted through my nostrils and the sun warmed my back, my mind turned to BIBA.  As an almost teetotal introvert, I have usually looked forward to the event with a certain amount of trepidation, always envious of my more gregarious colleagues, such as Simon Cooter and Keith Hector, who bound up to Manchester with

Posted by Tim Grant |
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Jump onboard the insurance disruption train or get left behind

14 Jun 2017

"The winds of change are blowing wild and free"

Bob Dylan (To make you feel my love)

Endless amounts of noise and copy have been devoted to the subject of ‘disruption’ and it’s been something of a buzz-word in the insurance industry for a while now. Disruption is really nothing new, however, and certainly nothing to be frightened of. 

Disruption has been happening since the dawn of time... 

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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The Four Pillars: Considerations for Insurance Technology Success

09 Jun 2016

As insurance markets transform and providers compete with other financial services organizations for business, evolving their operational strategies will no longer be optional – it will be critical.  A big piece of this is, of course, technology. Insurance companies need IT solutions that foster the enablement of new strategies and help them drive operational excellence, product innovation and customer service.

Posted by Richard Clark | Xuber
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What the FinTech?!

31 Jul 2015

Those of you that have worked in the insurance industry for a long period of time will remember the days that customers used to come visit your branch to arrange their insurance policies.  This would usually include filling out paperwork (by hand!) and potentially even calling up and talking to actual human beings in order to arrange a policy.

Posted by Ben Moore |
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