2017 Review

An NMU for the future - Innovate and maintain core values

31 Jan 2018

NMU Executive Director, Nick Limb, talks 2017 and looks into the future at NMU

2017 was an exciting year for NMU and one full of challenges and opportunities.

We have continued to work far closer with our parent company Munich Re Syndicate as part of their wider International Distribution network, looking at ways to both improve and strengthen our business model and ultimately to deliver an even more inclusive customer experience.

Posted by Nick Limb | NMU
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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

04 Jan 2018

After the excesses of December, the January detox is upon us. A good time to soberly reflect on the year that was and try and second guess what this year has in store.

One thing you can say is that we were kept ‘entertained’ in 2017 by the first year of the Trump presidency – it’s been different that’s for sure! Is the word ‘diplomacy’ now officially consigned to history in the world of politics?

Posted by Simon Cooter | Covéa Insurance
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2017 and the year that was – a chance to reflect (and remind) on the value of our industry

21 Dec 2017

2017. What a year. As many of those who know me will verify, I prefer to look forward rather than back. But I don’t think any insurance CEO – particularly any motor insurance CEO – can fail to reflect on 2017 without a sense of bewilderment at how things played out in our industry.  The sector is increasingly being challenged by government, regulators and lawmakers. And sometimes it’s easy to overlook the reason why we exist in the first place.

Posted by Ian Parker |
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A year in Personal Lines - Covéa's Sue Coffey reviews 2017

18 Dec 2017

“It’s that time of the year again. The shops are full of panicked last-minute shoppers, bars are packed with friends and colleagues drinking a toast to the festive season, and people start turning on their out of offices, ready to switch off and enjoy Christmas with their families.

I’m pretty organised this year (apart from the dreaded wrapping) so before I switch off and hit the fizz I  wanted to take some time to reflect on the past 12 months.

Posted by Sue Coffey | Covéa Insurance
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QBE's Dave Greaves takes a look back on 2017

14 Dec 2017

As we come to the end of another year it’s good to take stock and look back on everything we’ve achieved in the QBE SME team in 2017.

QBE is regarded as an innovator on e-trade, committed to making it as easy as possible for brokers to trade with us across multiple distribution channels where and when they choose.

Posted by Dave Greaves | QBE
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