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Looking after our retired vulnerable ex-colleagues in the current crisis

02 Apr 2020

youTalk-insurance Founder and Managing Director Paul Handleigh makes a plea to people working in the UK general insurance industry not to forget about their retired friends and much-loved ex-colleagues during the Coronavirus crisis. Remembering that it is these same people that helped to build some of the companies (some legacy) that many people in the sector now work for.

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Helping our brave NHS healthcare professionals – A personal request

30 Mar 2020

In the 9 years that youTalk-insurance has been going, my highly dedicated small team have worked hard to serve up over 670 free newsletters to our incredibly large and extremely loyal community of subscribers (that’s you if you are reading this).

I mention this, only because if you have enjoyed our free service, I have a ‘one time’ small favour to ask…

What’s Paul talking about now…

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Peter Blanc blog - 2020 market issues and Aston Lark’s Growth ambition

03 Jan 2020

2020 is going to bring some interesting challenges including:

How will the FCA try to deal with dual pricing?

How will government and the insurance industry work together to ensure that consumers and businesses are protected from increased flood risks?

As a country, how will we ensure that all blocks of flats clad in combustible material are remediated or the risks suitably mitigated?

Will we see a properly hard market with insurers pulling out of lines of business left, right and centre?

Posted by Peter Blanc |
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A big giant huge end of year THANK YOU

19 Dec 2019

As the good ship ‘UK General Insurance’ dips slowly below the horizon of 2019 into what promises to be an exciting and challenging year ahead, I thought I would take just a few moments of your time to thank each and every visitor (that’s you if you are reading this) to the youTalk-insurance website during 2019.

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Anatomy of a Delegated Authority partnership

16 Dec 2019

Serious enquiries only - no time wasters...

With capacity expected to constrict even further next year, more and more brokers will likely be hoping that delegated authority (DA) arrangements will help them to grow their business in a very challenging marketplace. They will want to partner with solid insurers on these schemes and of course provide excellent products and services to their all-important customers.

Posted by Gary Head | AXA UK
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The special relationship: how Ecclesiastical builds trust with brokers

09 Dec 2019

In this blog Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director for Ecclesiastical Insurance, talks about the special relationship that Ecclesiastical fosters with brokers.

Relationships are built on trust and that’s as true in the broker market as it is anywhere else. Trusted partner might be an over-used phrase but for me it articulates perfectly the role of the insurer in supporting brokers. It means going beyond a transactional relationship and understanding what keeps brokers, and their clients, awake at night.

Posted by Adrian Saunders | Ecclesiastical Insurance Group
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Insurers - Does your data earn its keep?

24 Jul 2019

In an exclusive blog for youTalk-insurance, Alan O'Loughlin, Director of Analytics and Statistical Modelling, International at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, talks about the missed opportunities for insurers as the new ‘data currency’ gathers pace

So, you are collecting data on your insurance customers and prospects? Brilliant. But what are you doing with it? Is it just sitting there untouched, costing you money to gather and store, without earning its keep by giving back to your business?

Posted by Alan O'Loughlin | LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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Make your quote presentation stand out from the rest!

24 May 2019

Back in the 1980’s I started working in this glorious world of insurance. I still love it! So much has changed and the vast majority of it for the better. I certainly don’t use as much carbon paper as I did back then and I haven’t seen a microfiche for a good few years. The talent joining our industry is awesome. But one thing that always strikes me as not having progressed as much are the presentations brokers make on behalf of clients.

Posted by Mike Greenland | Aviva
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