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Insurance broking is broken and needs reform

01 Jul 2021

Insurance brokers play a vital role as a trusted advisor of the insured

Yet a recent survey we undertook of commercial business owners, on average, scored their trust of their insurance broker at only 6.4. That is in fact lower than the score they gave for insurers themselves (6.9).

So why, in an industry built on a promise, is trust is no longer being built with customers?

Posted by Ed Halsey |
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Justice in a time of pandemic

03 Dec 2020

The UK justice system was facing enormous challenges, long before the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. Tony Buss, MD of ARAG, explains how access to justice was already declining in the UK, how the legal profession has adapted and what the longer-term consequences are likely to be.

It is no secret that the UK justice system has been struggling for some time.

Justice and the population’s ability to access it are not easy things to quantify, but some measures are clear and irrefutable.

Posted by Tony Buss | ARAG
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VE Day 2020 - Lest we forget our past insurance colleagues and friends

06 May 2020

In a guest blog for youTalk-insurance, Managing Director Paul Handleigh reminds us to spare a thought for our past insurance colleagues and friends as part of our VE Day celebrations this Friday.   

Friday will be a cause for double celebration in my household. Admittedly the second cause for celebration will be more sombre, but it will be a celebration nonetheless.

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Working from home and domestic abuse in Lockdown

08 Apr 2020

The radio was on in the background last weekend whilst I was wrestling my way through the doorstep of paper that is The Sunday Times.

I was stopped in my tracks when I heard the radio presenter mention that according to the charity Refuge, phone calls to The National Domestic Abuse helpline had increased by 25% since the Coronavirus lockdown had started.

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Looking after our retired vulnerable ex-colleagues in the current crisis

02 Apr 2020

youTalk-insurance Founder and Managing Director Paul Handleigh makes a plea to people working in the UK general insurance industry not to forget about their retired friends and much-loved ex-colleagues during the Coronavirus crisis. Remembering that it is these same people that helped to build some of the companies (some legacy) that many people in the sector now work for.

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Helping our brave NHS healthcare professionals – A personal request

30 Mar 2020

In the 9 years that youTalk-insurance has been going, my highly dedicated small team have worked hard to serve up over 670 free newsletters to our incredibly large and extremely loyal community of subscribers (that’s you if you are reading this).

I mention this, only because if you have enjoyed our free service, I have a ‘one time’ small favour to ask…

What’s Paul talking about now…

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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