A massive congratulations to our amazing RSA colleagues who are finalists in the #WIIAwards. We couldn't be prouder of you all. @InsuranceWomen https://t.co/DNBH49fDj4 https://t.co/FipLswfzUf
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Join us on the main stage at #AirmicFest at 2.30pm where William McDonnell, our Group Chief Risk Officer will be taking part in the panel discussion 'What now? What next?' @Airmic https://t.co/jo10bDBv08
@lucyctalbot Hi Lucy, apologies again for the issues you've experienced with your claim. I understand this is now resolved, but we'll review our processes to ensure we learn from what went wrong. Thanks, Sam
RT @slipcasecom: Brilliant on-demand session at #AirmicFest delivered by experts from @rsagroup and @crawco, discussing 'the rise of the ‘pandemic’ fraudster – fighting the war on fraud'. https://t.co/rnj1ZNoLWC
Thanks guys. We're glad you enjoyed the session! #AirmicFest @Airmic https://t.co/wFFXwxCGrk
RT @maren_burrowes: ‘We’ve seen the rise of a more human organisation’ reflections from @CharlesHAlberts @richardtamartin Vicky Lefevre. Fab @DiveInFest event on: #mentalhealth before, during and after Covid-19. Thanks @ArgoGlobal @Aon_UK @iDAWNUK for collaborating with us @rsagroup https://t.co/uyI3dqv2yh
We’re delighted to be local @DiveInFest partners and to be co-hosting the event as well! #Covid19 has impacted us all in one way or another over the last few months and has been a stark reminder that we all need to look after our #mentalhealth. #divein2020 #globalinclusion https://t.co/geAvoYnEUo
@awlacey Hi Andy, could you please send us a DM with some more details so that we can look in to this for you? Thanks, Carleanne. https://t.co/LGS5sF6LEN
It might look a little different this year, but we're ready for this years virtual @Airmic Fest! Today you can catch our on demand session (A3) 'The rise of the pandemic fraudster' with Adele Sumner, our Head of Counter Fraud Strategy and Financial Crime at 11.30am. https://t.co/G1KbiYLwvQ
We're looking forward to seeing everybody virtually for @Airmic tomorrow! How do you build a resiliant business in times of change? We'll be on hand to talk #riskmanagement and how the #pandemic has accelerated the change. https://t.co/5lYwuqCphC
@lucyctalbot Hi Lucy, I understand that our team have now resolved your claim. I'm glad we have found a solution, however I just wanted to apologise again for the confusion we caused. This is not the service we wish to provide, and we will ensure we learn from what went wrong. Thanks, Sam
Caring for staff in the new world of work - In this #podcast, our team talk through the current challenging environment and advice on caring for your staff in a post-pandemic world. #coronavirus https://t.co/oPD9pI23ZE https://t.co/4EcgOmM3xi
Insurance has a deep-rooted social purpose. And it takes all sorts of people to make companies like ours a vital #resource for millions. #Apprenticeships are a great way for you to become part of it. @5PercentClubUK @Apprenticeships https://t.co/6qInQXt7Mo https://t.co/BGh4BCqFnS
RT @rsagroup: #AirmicFest is nearly upon us and we're getting ready to talk all things #riskmanagement in times of change. We'll also be running our workshop 'The Rise of the Pandemic Fraudster' - demonstrating the evolution of fraud during the #pandemic. https://t.co/YSyfRUgMKL https://t.co/1k2TX740YZ
@MuseumofLondon Thanks for sharing this thread! We have lots of artifacts and history on display at our London HQ as well... 😎
RT @MuseumofLondon: In 1666, the Great Fire of London destroyed many homes and businesses, but from the ashes rose the world’s first property insurance policies. Here’s how it happened: https://t.co/WEVnDdeiu0
Ever wondered what an Actuarial Analyst does? @InsCareers1 spoke to Jasmine Tooke about developing her career and advice for anyone wanting to work in #insurance. Spoiler alert: #Internships can be a really helpful way to get your foot in the door. https://t.co/Wj43kHZ3W8 https://t.co/2BpiRxkoLn
@joepublic99 @axainsurance @CIIGroup @LifeInsCouncil @LifeInsurance__ Thanks for getting in touch, unfortunately we won't be able to answer this as we don't sell life insurance
@lucyctalbot Yes that’s right - we confirmed that you will receive some financial compensation by way of an apology for the distress and inconvenience caused by the confusion surrounding this claim, and we will honour that. Our team will be in touch with you to clarify this. Thanks, Sam