#DyddGŵylDewiHapus to all of our Welsh customers, partners and staff! #StDavidsDay https://t.co/ZSAYYlow8o
RT @InsuranceBizUK: What does the future hold for @rsagroup after its recent impressive financial results, but with a takeover looming? Mia Wallace caught up with its CEO for the UK and International, Scott Egan, to find out. #insurance #insurancenews https://t.co/5ZoEbqwHNR
Today we published our full year #FinancialResults for 2020 but the numbers only tell part of the story! 📰📣 Read about our partnership with @RoSPA, a new look for @MORETHAN and good news from @Ask123ie @trygghansa @WeAreJohnson @alahliarsa! https://t.co/uFajDZ6aQt
This morning we published our #FinancialResults for 2020. 📈 🏦 💼 Read about our performance here: https://t.co/c4dK9ral1C
RT @InsuranceBizUK: .@rsagroup reveals full-year financial results - #insurance #insurancenews https://t.co/urA1N6hbDg
@rebecca_vcbwf Hi Rebecca - I've just responded to your message and I'm looking into it for you. Thanks, Sam
@rebecca_vcbwf Hi Rebecca, sorry to hear that you're struggling to trace the policy. Please could you send us a private message with your policy number and we can look into this for you? Thanks, Sam https://t.co/LGS5sF6LEN
Managing Director of Commercial Lines, Rob Gibbs has seen RSA through more than 20 years of change. 😲🎖️ He chatted with @Insurance_Post about the challenges he faces right now including navigating a #HardMarket. 💬 https://t.co/rJI9J5bAZs
RT @Insurance_Post: .@rsagroup Rob Gibbs spoke to Post about his latest challenge, navigating a newly combined commercial arm through a restructure, a hard market, the FCA business interruption test case and a potential takeover by Intact/Trygg. https://t.co/yLPK0TZRMf
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As #LGBTQHistoryMonth comes to a close there is much to celebrate when it comes to #LGBTQ+ rights. However it’s important to look back at how far we’ve come too. #LGBTHM21 @LGBTHM ❤️ 💚 💙 🧡 💛 💜 https://t.co/0ZEAmvTtm7
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It's brilliant that we are able to keep supporting causes in so many different sectors. Embarking on a new career can be hard at the best of times. Let alone in the middle of a #pandemic! 💼 @ShawTrust @LearnWorkUK @C19SupportFund https://t.co/dUWDndas1H
As it was #NationalLoveYourPetDay at the weekend... Do you show them that you love them by giving them an extra treat or two? If so you might want to read this! https://t.co/JNKd3g49Dv
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Sharing is caring right? You might want to think again! 🐾🐶🐱 According to @MORETHAN over a third of us admit to feeding our #pets more treats during #lockdown. Read our tips on how to keep your furry friend healthy: https://t.co/zqooaDoNWG https://t.co/xoQmoGidRG
Encouraging news from @ClimateWise. As an insurer we have a big role to play in shaping resilience to #ClimateChange ♻️🏞️🍃 The #ClimateWisePrinciples Review indicates significant improvement in climate-related disclosure of #insurers. https://t.co/Fmkv10XdVM https://t.co/VGKuFp36Mz
RT @MORETHAN: With us all spending more time at home, accidents are bound to happen. Having the right cover could help put your mind at ease 🏡 - https://t.co/j6ehtPZ5xk #morethan #wedomore #accidents https://t.co/9V9JAo8wuU
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