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Discover 5 top tips for maximising your CII revision

09 Jan 2020

If you are talking your Chartered Insurance Institute exams here are 5 top tips which are likely to increase the success of your revision include:

Make a plan -  Identify realistically how much time you have available. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of revision and the lack of time, here are some tips for finding a few  extra hours per week, without too much effort:

Utilise your commute to and from work by reading or listening to study notes

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Top 10 Tips on how to maximise your success in the exam room

01 Apr 2014

The insurance exams are just a week away. Hopefully, if you followed some of my revision tips you found them useful and you are now feeling confident with your level of knowledge .

Now, the important thing is to employ effective exam technique to ensure that you secure that all important pass.

Here are some of my top tips which hopefully you will find helpful.

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Appraisal review: Top tips on how to use feedback to improve your performance

03 Feb 2014

January provides us with a great opportunity for reflecting on the previous year:

  • What went well?
  • What did we learn?
  • What will we do differently in 2014?

A key part to this process will be our appraisal review, which is likely to include feedback. The amount and type of feedback will depend on how active you have sought this and any formal processes and systems your organisation has for seeking and collating feedback, such as, 360 degree reviews.

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The dilemma insurance brokers face when carriers are downgraded; how should they react?

20 Jan 2014

The related issues of the identification by some carriers of inadequate reserves, and consequent ratings downgrades (or the ongoing risk of these) have highlighted an old problem for many brokers; how, if they use as their base case a minimum rating level of ‘A-‘ (as many do) for their level of automatically accepting carrier security, should they react to a downgrade of a previously ‘A range’ carrier to the ‘BBB range’?

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