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Does your insurance video need the professional touch to truly shine?

04 Sep 2023

It is acknowledged that video content is now very much an important part of a company’s marketing mix. It is engaging and a quick and efficient method of communicating sometimes very complex messages. 

Video is being used for ‘explainer videos’, tutorials, product teasers & demos as well as thought leadership. Like all digital media it provides ROI metrics, be that number of views, number of leads/clicks, audience engagement, brand awareness.

Posted by Paul Bailes | Cohesion Design
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Are insurance brokers losing up to 60% new business?

26 Oct 2020

In a guest blog for youTalk-insurance, Ben Moore, General Manager at QuoteSearcher analysed vital data which highlighted that valuable new business opportunities could be being missed by UK based insurance brokers.

It’s one thing to implement a lead generation strategy, but what’s the point if you switch off at 5:00pm?

The fact is, a huge section of your potential customer base don’t look for insurance during the day, they’re busy working. 

Posted by Ben Moore |
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How to stay connected with clients and colleagues in the Covid-19 lockdown

26 Mar 2020

Jasmine Handleigh, Media Executive at youTalk-insurance, shares details of three useful technology platforms aimed at helping members of the broking community stay connected 

In these challenging times, it’s perhaps now more important than ever for insurance brokers to stay in touch with their customers, colleagues and insurer partners.

Posted by Jasmine Handleigh |
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What insurance needs to know when choosing a digital agency

19 Nov 2015

Since starting my own SEO and PPC agency in January, I get asked all kinds of questions about digital marketing – How do I get my site on page 1 tomorrow? This person says they’ll do the same thing for half the price. Why should I trust you?

For those that aren’t involved in digital marketing on a daily basis, the premise of getting your company on to page one of Google can seem like dark arts or black magic.

Posted by Mark Wright | Climb Online
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Is the insurance industry ready to embrace video?

12 Oct 2015

OK, this may seem like on odd question to pose on a site hosting hundreds of clips from dozens of insurers, viewed by thousands in the industry, so there’s an element of preaching to the converted here.

But elsewhere in the market, there’s still some hesitancy about video’s place in marketing strategies. Even among the biggest players, there are a few who have yet to take the plunge or barely dipped a toe in the water.

Posted by Paul Jacobs | UK Video Skills Training
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What the FinTech?!

31 Jul 2015

Those of you that have worked in the insurance industry for a long period of time will remember the days that customers used to come visit your branch to arrange their insurance policies.  This would usually include filling out paperwork (by hand!) and potentially even calling up and talking to actual human beings in order to arrange a policy.

Posted by Ben Moore |
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