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What insurance needs to know when choosing a digital agency

19 Nov 2015

Since starting my own SEO and PPC agency in January, I get asked all kinds of questions about digital marketing – How do I get my site on page 1 tomorrow? This person says they’ll do the same thing for half the price. Why should I trust you?

For those that aren’t involved in digital marketing on a daily basis, the premise of getting your company on to page one of Google can seem like dark arts or black magic.

Posted by Mark Wright | Climb Online
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Is the insurance industry ready to embrace video?

12 Oct 2015

OK, this may seem like on odd question to pose on a site hosting hundreds of clips from dozens of insurers, viewed by thousands in the industry, so there’s an element of preaching to the converted here.

But elsewhere in the market, there’s still some hesitancy about video’s place in marketing strategies. Even among the biggest players, there are a few who have yet to take the plunge or barely dipped a toe in the water.

Posted by Paul Jacobs | UK Video Skills Training
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What the FinTech?!

31 Jul 2015

Those of you that have worked in the insurance industry for a long period of time will remember the days that customers used to come visit your branch to arrange their insurance policies.  This would usually include filling out paperwork (by hand!) and potentially even calling up and talking to actual human beings in order to arrange a policy.

Posted by Ben Moore | QuoteSearcher
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Stop wasting your money on insurance marketing

07 Jun 2015

Insurance information everywhere – What to read, what to read, what to read…

If clients don’t like or are uninspired by the headlines you give your insurance marketing material they will not read your content no matter how wisdom laden and clever it is.

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Only 536 days until Noughties can start buying insurance

24 Jun 2014

Let’s face it generation Noughties or to put it another way ‘generation mobile’ are hard-wired to the digital age; they were born in the midst of it after all.  They know no different. To them the Digital Age is just normal (get over it), it’s how they roll…

For them swiping at a screen and not getting a response is just plain weird.  Say the word tablet and they don’t automatically think ‘medicine cabinet’, they think iPad. 

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Assess the financial risk of Social Media

06 May 2014

It’ll come as no great shock to those that know me that my intimate knowledge of FCA rules that apply to UK based insurance brokers is fairly sketchy. 

That said, over coffee and Biscotti with a good friend of mine recently who is ‘in the know’ on such matters, he mentioned that insurance brokers, as regulated businesses, are required to maintain a business ‘risk register’. 

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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