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@thesimonvincent We're sorry to hear this. Please privately message us your policy number and claims number so we can investigate your case.
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Rates of fatal injury at work reduced from four incidents per 100,000 workers in 1994 to just one in 2015. How can businesses continue this trend as humans and #robots increasingly work together? Find out here https://t.co/kwj0dHGfn7 #UnpredictabilitySeries #QBEPrepared #Robotics https://t.co/5VGeMRIEwB
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As the drivers of occupational injury evolve, employers will need to take a more holistic view of employee wellbeing. How can businesses prepare for unknown risks of the future? Our Director of Casualty explains here: https://t.co/kwj0dHGfn7 https://t.co/C5OIZOGkEG
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Two employees from our UK offices have joined leading scientists on a unique expedition on the #AndorranPyrenees. In partnership with @Earthwatch_Eur, @QBEFoundation created this unique opportunity to participate in #climatechange research and learn about #ecosystem restoration! https://t.co/O1to0CZyjs
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The decline in workplace injuries is one of society’s success stories, but will increased #automation and changing work habits put paid to the trend? #UnpredictabilitySeries #QBEPrepared https://t.co/kwj0dHGfn7 https://t.co/JGEENDbTKx
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As machines do more heavy lifting, we gravitate to roles that have a greater risk of muscular-skeletal conditions, which already make up 45% of all occupational diseases. How can businesses prepare for employee-related exposures? https://t.co/kwj0dHGfn7 #UnpredictabilitySeries https://t.co/uqn3lu5WIZ