During Ramadan, Muslims will refrain from eating or drinking for up to 19 hrs a day. It is advisable for employers to carry out a risk assessment for anyone fasting to ensure their safety, and the safety of work colleagues and members of public. More here: https://t.co/Gb4xdBjPUv https://t.co/SJerReg7mp
Many of us look set to continue working from home for the foreseeable future. With remote working set to become the “new normal” for many, it's important to make sure our systems are safe and secure: https://t.co/sqXSWqpcdt https://t.co/mkedqdiVXP
The cost of failing to support employees with mental health issues is estimated to be around £52,000 in lost business or contracts. Underwriting Manager Steve Field explains why businesses must walk the talk with mental wellbeing in the workplace: https://t.co/owbYD6rYsc https://t.co/FQSAwuYFWm
There is a new vulnerability that hackers are capitalising on – unsecure remote access. According to @Microsoft, #MFA can block 99.9% of compromised account attacks. Therefore, we recommend all businesses have this risk control in place immediately: https://t.co/sqXSWqpcdt https://t.co/bnDO1W8uEv
Even before the pandemic, #mentalhealth issues were the single largest cause of lost working days in the UK, accounting for more than half of all lost work days due to ill health. More on #mentalwellbeing from Steve Field here: https://t.co/owbYD6rYsc https://t.co/KCNstmAf1n
Thank you to all our employees who made a personal #wellbeing pledge. @QBEFoundation have donated £10,000 to our charity partners! https://t.co/Nl9tSZ5xR8
RT @eficiens_AM: Gestion des risques : les assureurs attendus au tournant ! 2/3 des dirigeants de PME estiment leur assureur légitime et expert sur ce sujet, et 78% attendent de sa part des solutions adaptées : https://t.co/YEuWdEM71p v/ @QBEeo #assurance #innovation #digital https://t.co/iA8zhfec7l
RT @UnityIns: With more drivers than ever being caught speeding, the need for speed awareness has never been greater. Find out more in this article from @QBEeo https://t.co/dny7wxAunc
During #Ramadan, Muslims will refrain from eating or drinking for up to 19 hours a day. It is advisable for employers to carry out a risk assessment for anyone fasting to ensure their safety, and the safety of work colleagues and members of public: https://t.co/Gb4xdBjPUv https://t.co/MTjW0IxkuY
France and Wales are still in the running for the 2021 #SixNations title. Read who Lawrence @Dallaglio8 OBE thinks will seal the deal and why: https://t.co/dGJ7K2wVFH @RosscoHamilton https://t.co/v3kqBvojpk
RT @ModInsuranceMag: ⭐️What will #ETrading look like post-#COVID19 in an industry moving very quickly down the #digitalisation path? Here is what Corinne Pringle, @QBEeo, has to say in the latest @ModInsuranceMag - check it out on page 52⬇️ https://t.co/ydQkbSF7MH #Insurance #IWD2021 #Tech #Trading https://t.co/IkWVyvUAfB
Mental #wellbeing is under the spotlight. Juggling the pressures of work & home life amid the ongoing pandemic is causing additional levels of #stress & #anxiety for many workers. Here are four ways leaders can support the #mentalhealth of home workers: https://t.co/E6rOb9280Q https://t.co/8UCl7IVmHe
The @GOVUK is seeking to tighten the law around using a mobile phone whilst behind the steering wheel. Read here from James Billings: https://t.co/HBJwinJ1n3 https://t.co/0hJOMLinXy
Excessive speed is one of the key contributory factors to road accidents. Driver education and raising awareness are essential. Read here: https://t.co/eUre8a5x6A #speedawareness #speeding #roadsafety #motoraccidents #driversafety #driverbehaviour #drivertraining https://t.co/cKmFp5ueDV
While Covid-19 has had a major knock on effect on business and supply chain, it’s important to not lose sight of the risks that were present pre-pandemic. Read about how to build supply chain resilience from Senior Risk Manager Adrian Simmonds here: https://t.co/MBijLHk4AB https://t.co/hwYe4JcHAN
One of the car industry's biggest computer chip suppliers #Renesas has warned that a major fire at one of its factories in Japan could have a "massive impact" on its ability to fulfil orders. https://t.co/mhlZVs0dXY
RT @dallaglio8: England need to show the same attacking spirit displayed against the French to beat Ireland in Dublin #SixNations https://t.co/p07TX3cOX3
RT @dallaglio8: The key for Wales is continuing to exploit Red Zone efficiency which the QBE Risk & Reward Index highlights is the lead performance indicator with the strongest correlation to success. #SixNations https://t.co/XGMAOZonLC
RT @RosscoHamilton: Great fun talking all about the #SixNationsRugby with @dallaglio8 for @QBEeo Grand slam possibility for @WelshRugbyUnion this weekend and all will be won and lost in the Red Zone so look out for that battle come Saturday! https://t.co/Em58bD53VQ