Winter is coming… And it’s at this time of year that drivers of all vehicles need to be prepared and take the most care. Read our winter road safety advice by QBE Senior Risk Manager James Billings: https://t.co/HlUKCxE5yP #RoadSafetyWeek https://t.co/dLbHDJPHpm
A great talk last night in honour of #InternationalMensDay. Delivered by author of #WhoStoleMySpear and creator of @BBC5Live's #MensHour @TimSamuels, we discussed 'How to Build the Perfect Man.' The event also raised funds for local charity @SuitedBootedC. Thanks to all involved! https://t.co/Vl2hOMLuiC
Only 30% of leaders feel their business has a positive risk culture. QBE’s #UnpredictabilitySeries explores the impact of strong #corporateculture on businesses here: https://t.co/aFrYfGtRx7 #QBEPrepared https://t.co/VrTSj0fiXb
Stay safe on the roads this #winter... In honour of #RoadSafetyWeek, read our advice here: https://t.co/HlUKCxE5yP #RoadSafety #RiskSolutions https://t.co/VdDcTazk0X
Strong corporate culture starts at the top. Are your leaders setting the right example? QBE’s Risk Solutions Practice Leader Deborah O Riordan shares her thoughts here: https://t.co/aFrYfGtRx7 #UnpredictabilitySeries #QBEPrepared https://t.co/ar87lEoUf1
RT @CatedraFI_UDC: Descubre el perfil de Carmen Cobeta Orduña, Directora de Resposabilidad Civil de @QBEeo , que será la próxima profesora del #PlanInicia https://t.co/8rdtANzwvK https://t.co/dGVKgscUqY
Premiums4Good is an industry-first initiative that enables our customers to have up to 25% of their premiums invested to make a tangible difference to communities across the globe. Read about our #Premiums4Good impact investment approach here. https://t.co/z3IrjkY5xM https://t.co/DxDmailVKU
Good morning from Berlin - day two at the #FERMAForum. Come and meet the team, Chris Wallace, Constanza Gállegos, Jonas Latein and Maria Borrego, at booths 45-46. @FERMARISK #FERMAForum2019 https://t.co/9KNTP4F5dR
RT @PatReganQBE: In an increasingly unpredictable world, corporate culture is more important than ever. Creating a positive culture and supporting values should be a priority for everyone in a leadership position #LeadershipMatters https://t.co/KmVwz0vqB9
A great first day the #FERMAForum in Berlin! Come and grab a coffee at booths 45-46 with the QBE team this morning. https://t.co/TWEGSnGK8I @FERMARISK #FERMAForum2019 https://t.co/Us82ZPRKVt
RT @StrategicRISK: #fermaforum @QBEeo Glass of wine? @StrategicRISK Don't mind if we do. Cheers! https://t.co/furTIfnUqr
More than 100 people are killed or seriously injured every year by motorists driving too close to the vehicle in front... Read our winter road safety advice here: https://t.co/HlUKCxE5yP #RoadSafety #RiskSolutions https://t.co/ws614AVOCE
QBE is at the Marsh ProBroker Conference today with Robyn Burns, Jatin Patel and Lisa Murphy #MarshProBroker https://t.co/eTfxaRif7W
Find out why we're finalists for Fleet Product of the Year at the @InsuranceTimes_ Awards 2019 #ITAwards: https://t.co/GN5znD1jYU https://t.co/EcLLoBU1Gm
RT @InsuranceTimes_: The Insurance Times Awards 2019 is just around the corner, with more than a 100 finalists attending at our fabulous new Grosvenor House venue on November 22 https://t.co/baNOF8V6gs @QBEeo #fleetinsurance #dataanalytics #bots #technology
How much does #diabetes cost the UK economy in employee absence every year? A) £6,900 B) £6,900,000 C) £6,900,000,000 #WorldDiabetesDay https://t.co/c3wwDhjzmZ https://t.co/RGLhhSgX1n
Strong corporate culture starts at the top. Are your leaders setting the right example? Read more from Risk Solutions Practice Leader Deborah O Riordan in QBE's #UnpredictabilitySeries here: https://t.co/aFrYfGtRx7 https://t.co/xgYewvsPmK
Following yesterday's #UKITAwards huge congratulations to Ceri Stokoe for winning Inspiration Leader of the Year, Prasad Unnikrishnan for winning Service & Support Professional of the Year and the self-service support team for winning Development Team of the Year! @Computing_News https://t.co/FWsHzXvHf6
Did you know? #Obesity and #diabetes can now be classified as disabilities. Are you treating them seriously in the workplace? #WorldDiabetesDay https://t.co/c3wwDhjzmZ https://t.co/Xrb7KXfygd
Brexit appears to have hit consumer confidence and spending in the #tech sector. Read more from Trade Credit Underwriter Karl McKiernan here: https://t.co/7wP8MOrLiE #QBETrends #Brexit #Technology #RetailSales #Retail https://t.co/EPkUwqMZZb