Sheena Thomson

Sheena is a global strategic, crisis and issues communications leader and has built a solid reputation over the course of her career in military media operations, government advisory and corporate communication roles. She is an expert in the field of planning, training and managing communications, both during and after situations that either threaten or impact lives, reputation or business operations.

Sheena specialised in military human resources and media operations as an officer in the Royal Navy, where she mastered the ability to craft clear communication of a complex subject in frequently challenging settings. Since leaving the Royal Navy, Sheena held senior multi-sector communication roles that includes senior advisory or spokesperson roles for NATO, the EU, the ASEAN Secretariat and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Executive Council General Secretariat.  More recently she has worked in insurance risk consulting and crisis response within the insurance sector. Her crisis management expertise often places her at the centre of sensitive and challenging issues.