Transactor passes BIBA broker system resilience review


Insurance software provider Transactor Global Solutions Limited (TGSL) has announced that it has passed the system resilience review conducted by NCC Group on behalf of BIBA.

NCC Group conducted a thorough assessment of TGSL’s policies, procedures and working practices in order to gauge the organisation’s approach to IT security and judge its ability to prevent and if necessary recover from issues such as service outages and cyber-attacks.

Ian Blakesley, Chief Information Officer, TGSL, said, “We are pleased to have passed the assessment set by BIBA which, along with our newly obtained ISO 27001 certification, demonstrates our commitment to IT security. Following the recent Malware attacks, high profile data leaks and service outages, security has rarely been higher on the agenda for many business leaders and as a software provider we believe we have an inherent responsibility to lead the way in this area. 

“TGSL has always prioritised investment in technology and for our latest software, Version 7, we completed a thorough review of our systems, adopting new features such as the Microsoft Azure technology stack to ensure system stability. We’ve long championed the use of cloud technology and work with trusted hosting providers to ensure client data is kept secure. We are proud of the resilient infrastructure on which our platforms and systems are hosted, so it is reassuring to receive this independent validation from BIBA.

“Over the coming months and years’ we will continue to conduct regular reviews of our IT security, making improvements where necessary to ensure we offer clients the best possible service.”