Ataraxia launch new hybrid network for brokers to rebuild income lost to Covid-19


Ataraxia Lite, a unique crossover network has been launched to help brokers boost their income and replace earnings lost due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It offers brokers the best of both worlds with the opportunity to boost income by up to 20% utilising Ataraxia deals from leading UK insurers, and to help brokers grow by acquisition or begin sustainable succession plans for themselves.

There are no ties to the membership and no requirement to sell shares now or in the future. With Ataraxia Lite, total independence is maintained through each step the broker chooses to take with no loss of control. The advantage for members is that it gives them immediate access to better buying power and enhanced income levels with a guaranteed investor in their business if they choose to release equity at any time in the future.

Adam Boakes, Managing Director of Ataraxia said: “Ataraxia identified a critical gap in the market for a crossover network, where brokers retain both independence and control.  Ataraxia Lite offers a gentle step into Ataraxia, giving brokers the chance to immediately earn more income from our exclusive buying group, with the option to sell part or all of their business at a later date. Ataraxia are succession planning specialists and offer a wide range of flexible options that are not readily available elsewhere, plus the chance to grow through local acquisitions. It’s a unique opportunity for brokers to trade within the group and become familiar with our buying group and the associated services that we offer with no upfront commitment.”

Ataraxia Lite will be limited to an exclusive group of only 35 new brokers. 

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