Thomas Miller Specialty Construction partners with Aviva


Thomas Miller Specialty Construction have agreed a three-year partnership with Aviva to provide capacity for their latent defect offering for Commercial developers operating in the Mixed Use development market in the UK. 

Thomas Miller Specialty, a global insurance provider across a number of sectors including Marine P&I and Offshore Marine and Energy, announced in July this year it has established a new construction business, Thomas Miller Specialty Construction, utilising the expertise built up within existing group owned businesses.

Launching the new partnership enables Thomas Miller Specialty to continue underwriting in the Latent Defect sector of the UK Construction market. The business is available for binding quotations from 6th October 2021.

Bernt Hellman, Chief Underwriting Officer, Thomas Miller Specialty, commented: “Aviva committing to support Thomas Miller Specialty Construction is a genuinely exciting addition to our MGA. Aviva is a financially strong partner and together we are setting the foundation for a long-term offering in the Latent Defects market for Commercial developers delivering Mixed Use properties. In introducing another blue-chip underwriting partner, we have an attractive underwriting platform with first class systems, framework and compliance as well as state of the art management information. This provides our underwriters with the right tools to make the right decisions and gives our underwriting partners full transparency and risk appetite alignment.”

Matthew Gordon, Chief Underwriting Officer, Aviva Specialty, commented: “Aviva has provided a lead insurance proposition for Latent Defects in the UK for over 30 years. This partnership with Thomas Miller allows us to further build on our market-leading position in Commercial Latent Defects supporting valued Property Investor/Developer clients more broadly and providing a strong solution for Mixed Use properties in response to demand from our key brokers.”