Sciemus renames as Occam and announces new CEO


Sciemus, an MGA underwriting specialty risk classes, is undertaking a series of changes starting with a new name, Occam Underwriting.

Taking its name from Occam’s razor, the problem-solving principle that the most straightforward solution is best, Occam Underwriting will bring clear thinking, innovation and data and analytics to complex insurance problems in cyber, space, energy and other lines.

Lance Gibbins, who has been Chairman and acting co-CEO of Sciemus, will become Chairman and CEO of the company.  Rick Welsh, who has been co-CEO, has resigned and will pursue other activities.

Head of Cyber, Dan Carr, will continue to lead and develop this line of business. Phil Duffin continues as Head of Space and Ian Green as Head of the recently relaunched Power business.

Lance commented: “This marks the start of a new phase in which Occam is seeing expansion of its MGA footprint in emerging and complex risk classes. We will continue with this expansion and continue to consider capacity alternatives.”