Pool Re publishes inaugural ‘Terrorism Frequency Report’


Pool Re, the UK’s terrorism reinsurance pool, has announced the publication of the Terrorism Frequency Report, a quarterly view of the contemporary threat, produced by the Scheme’s Terrorism Risk and Analysis Centre (TRAC). This resource will provide Pool Re Members and stakeholders with a record of recent terrorist attacks, detailing their severity and frequency, as well as analysis and views from the TRAC team and former members of the security services. Key topics and trends discussed in the first report include:

- The rising threat from the ‘Virtual Caliphate’, online radicalisation, cyber-attacks, and the implications for UK security and business

- The potential for closer collaboration between Al Qaeda and Daesh and how a merger could alter the UK’s threat landscape

- Whether the use of improvised explosive devices in the Manchester and Parsons Green attacks could herald a step change in the frequency and method of terrorist attacks

Julian Enoizi, Chief Executive of Pool Re said, “I am pleased to announce the launch of our new Terrorism Frequency Report. The terrorism risk landscape is changing rapidly. While reports on individual terrorism events are readily available, expert analysis of the methodologies used and trends within this landscape are scattered and often inaccessible to those outside the security services. Our Terrorism Frequency Report aims to provide our Members and stakeholders with up-to-date analysis that can inform their decision making via an accessible resource detailing the frequency and severity of attacks.  It also identifies key trends and themes designed to inform and thereby enable the terrorism (re)insurance market to assume more risk and, in so doing, remove it from the Government's balance sheet. To remain relevant, our Scheme must continue to evolve. This is the latest example of our efforts to do so. We will continue to strengthen the Scheme and to furnish our Members with the tools and resources to allow them to better enhance the UK’s resilience.”

To get a copy of the Pool Re report ‘The inaugural Terrorism Frequency Report’, Click Here, leave a message and youTalk-insurance will pass your enquiry on to Pool Re.