New digital platform goes live for GRP


Global Risk Partners (GRP) - one of the largest independent insurance intermediaries in the UK and one of the most acquisitive players in 2018, has started rolling out a new digital platform for managing the web estate of the 50+ businesses now under its management. The platform approach raises the digital bar within broking and underwriting.

Over the coming months, all businesses in the Group will benefit from an upgraded website presence based on latest best practice, clearer integration with the GRP name and centrally coordinated digital marketing support whilst still retaining their original business identity.

“This is a great solution for the businesses we’ve acquired,'' says Group Head of Marketing, James Hart. “Over time the initiative will deliver a significant uplift in reputation, profile and web leads, and is another example of the ‘powered by GRP’ advantage. While M&A announcements tend to grab the headlines, the true test of acquisition success is making sure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is powerful integration in action.”

The digital platform and templated approach has been developed by London-based Pancentric Digital who specialises in innovation and digital transformation for the insurance community. The solution is built around a single, centrally supported web platform, common code base and standardised implementation toolkit. With the platform in place, GRP can on-board new businesses into its digital fold quickly, easily and cost-effectively. 

Edward Woodham-Smith, Client Relations Director at Pancentric says, “This work is transformational for GRP and shows how versatile technologies and the right external support can enable small marketing teams to achieve far-reaching outcomes - the sort of thing that was unimaginable with such limited resources just a few years ago.”