London Business Interruption Association’s training programme quadruples post-pandemic


Programme expands across the UK and internationally through virtual and in-person training

The London Business Interruption Association (LBIA) has announced that its specialist Business Interruption (BI) training has quadrupled its reach since pre-pandemic levels, accessing both UK and international audiences.

David Lanfranchi, President of the LBIA, said: “Now more than ever, a better understanding of Business Interruption (BI) is critical for today’s businesses. As the only educational organisation focused exclusively on BI, the LBIA has a key role to play in providing training on this important topic and I’m delighted to say we have significantly increased our reach compared to pre-pandemic times. In 2019, our training was once a year, in-person and London-based, reaching around 50 participants. During the pandemic, we responded by moving all our training and technical lectures online, and today we offer a mix of in-person and virtual training, reaching around 200 people per year. We are really encouraged by the feedback we’ve received and by the tremendous growth in the number of participants, particularly from outside London and internationally. This clearly demonstrates that there is a strong desire for BI training and technical content across the UK and beyond and we look forward to engaging further with a wider, diverse audience in the future.”

Cranston Watts, Education Secretary, LBIA, added: “Our move to add virtual training as well as in-person courses has helped to expand our membership. We are now running two in person training sessions a year in London and Birmingham / Manchester, as well as hosting two six-session online training seminars a year, each with around 100 participants each.   These are run alongside our technical lecture series which cover a range of topics. The LBIA is also delighted to be actively collaborating in some joint lectures with other industry bodies such as IIL, Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA).”

The most recent online training course has just finished, and the next six session online training seminars are scheduled for October 2024.

About The LBIA

The LBIA is the only organisation focused exclusively on bringing Business Interruption education to the UK. The Association was formed in 2002 following the merger of two organisations — the London Business Interruption Society and the 150 Association and is an education body at its core. The aim of the Association is the advancement of interest in business interruption and the dissemination of knowledge on all matters related to BI. The Association hosts London’s premier dinner for MD/BI insurance practitioners, with over 500 attending each year. The legacy of this dinner can be traced back over 60 years. The next dinner will be held on Thursday 18th April 2024.

The LBIA has over 500 members across 50 companies with a broad membership, including loss adjusters, loss assessors, brokers, insurers and solicitors.

Annual membership is £10 per individual.

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