InsurTech Brolly to be acquired by Direct Line Group


Official communication sent to Brolly subscribers 16th July 2020:

We have exciting news to share - Brolly is being acquired.

We have just finalised a deal that will see Brolly taken over by Direct Line Group, one of the leading providers of insurance in the UK. Upon completion, Brolly will no longer be offering its current products and services. This combination - taking the technological edge of Brolly and integrating it with the insurance prowess of Direct Line Group - will allow us to accelerate the arrival of the next generation of insurance products. Direct Line Group are committed to leading the digital transformation of insurance and the Brolly team are proud and excited to be joining at such a pivotal moment in this journey.

Since our launch, our belief in the power of simple, personalised and intuitive insurance products has been unwavering. Alongside our new colleagues at Direct Line Group, home to a number of well-known brands including Direct Line and Churchill, we will start work on products that will help shape the future of insurance. The reach and expertise present at our new home will help see those products delivered throughout the whole of the UK.

The Brolly story began just 4 years ago - and we’ve packed a lot in! We knew that changing insurance would be tricky but that didn’t make us more patient. We’re proud to have helped thousands of people save time, money and a lot of confusion. We’re seeing a speed of change across the industry that we never imagined and we’re proud to have played our part. We also know this work is just beginning.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you and we want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to all of our supporters and customers. Thank you to our investors. Thank you to our families and friends. You have provided ideas and feedback, attended user sessions and focus groups, published articles and spread messages, worked alongside us and pushed us, and been there with us every step of the way. Your support has never gone unnoticed and will always be appreciated.