Estimated 25,000 learner drivers driving without insurance


Data from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) Police Helpline has revealed that an estimated 25,000 learners in the UK are driving without insurance. 

The MIB is urging learner drivers to meet insurance requirements.

In the past 12 months MIB received thousands of enquiries from police officers at the roadside where a provisional licence holder was suspected to be driving without insurance.

When a learner was found to be uninsured, in nearly all cases the car was immediately seized by police. One in every two uninsured learners also faced further penalties for driving without the legally required supervision.

In cases where learners had taken out insurance many faced the news that their cover was invalid as they were driving outside of the terms and conditions of their policy, with examples ranging from daily commutes to using a car for business purposes. Many more were also found to be breaking the law by failing to display L plates on their car.