Aston Lark announces High Net Worth book purchase


Aston Lark, a Howden company, has announced (5 June 2023) that George Seatter (pictured) will be joining the business as a Client Director within the Private Client division, bringing with him the client base he developed whilst a partner at Vizion. Laura Coles also joins Aston Lark as Account Executive to work alongside George.

Launched in January 2017 by Chris Blackham and John Sims, Vizion is a boutique insurance broker that attracts talented, entrepreneurial insurance professionals looking to run their own broking business. George Seatter, an experienced HNW insurance specialist, was the first partner to join Vizion at launch.

Peter Blanc, Aston Lark Group CEO, commented: “I’m delighted to have George and Laura on board to further strengthen our existing private client and HNW capabilities. We are on a journey towards creating a world-class Howden Private Client division which brings together the best of our operations from across the Aston Lark and A-Plan businesses.”

John Sims, Vizion Chairman & CEO, shared: “It has been a pleasure to support George both personally and professionally. The Vizion model was designed to allow talented people like George to build their own business with our help and financial support. The model also allows and expects that there would come a day where a partner would want to move on, and that time has come for George.

“Aston Lark has a fine reputation in the market and, as sad as we are to see them go, we believe this is a good home for George, Laura and their clients.”

George Seatter added: “I’m very grateful for the support and the opportunity provided by John and the Vizion team. It’s been amazing being part of a brilliant, award-winning business.

“I’m excited to now be joining Aston Lark and Howden, at an important time in their business growth, and really pleased that Laura is also joining which will help us to continue providing outstanding service to our clients.”