All motor insurance related court convictions exceed 117,000


94% of those driving without insurance received a fine, but just 2,140 were disqualified

Figures released as Operation Drive Insured begins

“Sadly, every law-abiding driver feels the pinch when it comes to uninsured vehicles” warns AA Insurance MD

The number of drivers found guilty at court for insurance related offences exceeded 117,000, with a third of convictions handed to drivers keeping a vehicle without insurance.

Analysis carried out by AA Insurance Services of figures produced by the Ministry of Justice* reveal that more than 76,500 drivers were sentenced for driving without insurance, while 40,150 drivers were convicted of keeping a vehicle without valid insurance.

The figures show the consequences of driving without insurance, as Operation Drive Insured** begins this week (Monday 20 November to Sunday 26 November).

Court prosecution statistics – motor insurance related offences 2022. AA Insurance Services analysis:

  • Using motor vehicle uninsured against third party risks – 76,774
  • Keeping vehicle which does not meet insurance requirements – 40,150
  • Other vehicle insurance offences (excluding forgery) – 57
  • Making false statement or withholding material information in order to obtain the issue of a certificate of insurance – 13
  • Fraud, forgery etc. associated with insurance certificate – 10
  • Total – 117,004

Fines, points and disqualifications

Of the 76,774 drivers convicted of driving without insurance, around a quarter (23%) were handed to drivers aged 18-24 (17,875), but the bulk of convictions were for those aged 30-39 with 23,395 found guilty. More than nine out of 10 cases (94%) resulted in points being issued on a driving licence while just 2,140 drivers were disqualified. The average fine issued by the courts was £352.

While those found guilty of driving without insurance feel the punishment immediately, the reality is that every driver buying insurance is penalised too. According to the Motor Insurance Bureau, uninsured drivers add an average of £53 to a premium while costing the UK economy £2.2 billion a year in medical care, emergency services and damage. 

Gus Park, Managing Director for AA Insurance Services, said, “Driving or keeping a vehicle without insurance is a serious offence and it’s concerning that 117,000 drivers were convicted last year.

“Those found guilty at court won’t just feel the penalty at that stage. Finding an insurer willing to offer cover is much harder, and even those willing to quote won’t be overly competitive as the points stay on the uninsured driver’s licence for four years.

“Sadly, every law-abiding driver feels the pinch when it comes to uninsured vehicles as the collisions they cause must be paid for. Checking your policy has an uninsured driver promise is a great way to protect yourself should you have a crash with someone without insurance.

“With an estimated one million cars on the road being uninsured, more needs to be done to tackle the problem.”