AdvantageGo unveils pioneering digital products for insurers


Upgrading technology is the number one concern for commercial insurance and reinsurance professionals

AdvantageGo has announced two ground-breaking products - ‘Aniita’ and ‘Score’ - which are designed to make it easier for commercial insurers and reinsurers to integrate and utilise new digital data.

‘Score’ provides rapid access to layered risk scores for any insurable asset anywhere in the world, across all lines of business. Augmenting normalised data from leading global data providers and the Internet of Things, ‘Score’ serves up a benchmark of risk scores, that are displayed a single view together with map locations, risk notifications and alerts.

‘Aniita’ is a digital assistant designed to provide instant, accurate answers to business-critical commercial insurance and reinsurance questions via speech or SMS. ‘Aniita’ connects to any policy administration, exposure management or third-party system as well as sourcing data from a multitude of external sources.

Adrian Morgan, Head of AdvantageGo at NIIT Technologies says “For the first time, insurance professionals can immediately access powerful and relevant curated insights, by typing less and talking more. We recently published a survey of insurance leaders highlighting that upgrading technology is the number one concern for insurance professionals. There’s never been a better time to talk to us about how we can help you to navigate the new digital landscape.”.