69% of drivers have insurance worries when charging an electric vehicle


More than two thirds of drivers are concerned about cover for their electric vehicle should it be damaged when connected to a public charge-point, according to a poll by the AA.

The survey of more than 15,500 people found that more than three fifths of drivers want EV insurance to cover damage to the main drive battery (65%), and almost half of drivers are also concerned about liability should someone trip over the charging cable (48%). To provide assurance to prospective EV owners, AA insurance has launched EV insurance which provides cover for the top five insurance concerns raised by drivers.

Top five concerns drivers would like covered with an EV insurance policy:

  • Accidental damage, fire or theft of the car and personal cables when connected to a public chargepoint – 69%
  • Damage to the main drive battery – 65%
  • Accidental damage, fire or theft of the car and personal cables when connected to a homecharger – 65%
  • Damage to the charging cable – 48%
  • Protection if someone trips over the charging cable – 44%

The AA has now cemented itself as the number one motoring organisation for electric vehicles as it offers whole life support for drivers on the road to electrification including:

  • Award winning insurance
  • The opportunity to own a new EV without an up-front cost
  • Breakdown assistance provided by 100% of its Patrols and more expert Patrols trained in electric vehicles than anyone else
  • A comprehensive MoT, service, maintenance and repair package
  • Providing customer assistance to approximately 11% of the public charge-point network
  • The ability to buy and sell used cars

Edmund King, AA president, said: “Drivers considering an electric car have several concerns when it comes to insuring them. However, the AA is leading the way again by providing insurance which protects drivers against their top five fears.

“Protecting their car against damage, fire and theft when plugged in to both a public and home charging point, as well as cover for the main driving battery or liability if someone trips on the cable, will give customers assurance that their electric car is comprehensively covered.

“No other motoring organisation offers such support as we do when buying, owning, selling, or fixing an electric vehicle, which makes us the number one provider for electric cars.

“By providing whole life assistance to drivers wherever they are on the road to electrification, we’re giving power and confidence to electric motoring.”