Redgies Great Northern Walk – Your support please


We hear the word ‘resilience’ used quite a lot in this insurance industry of ours.

The truth is, we only really find out how resilient we are when we are met with a challenge – we either rise, we fall or I guess we simply live somewhere in between.

Steve Redgwell the CEO of PIB Group Specialty Division, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease four and a half years ago, not unsurprisingly, chose to RISE.

I’m not in the least bit surprised. I’ve known Steve for over 25 years and in all that time he’s had a focus and determination to succeed. His career successes were, I’m sure, all made so much easier by dint of the fact that he is one of the most genuine and personable people you’ll ever met – a truly charming man.

Anyway, the purpose of my note is to let you Steve successfully led and completed (with the help of his fellow walkers) his 10km charity walk from Headingley Stadium in Leeds to ‘The Box’ in Leeds City centre to raise much needed funds for Challenging MND (Motor Neurone Disease) last weekend.

Through his efforts and the generosity of the insurance community, friends and the wider public he has raised over £300,000 to support the work that the charity Challenging MND is doing.

The great news is that the funds raised so far have already helped to accelerate Challenging MND’s research by years.

If you would like to support Steve by making a donation to Challenging MND, CLICK HERE

Thank you – Keep going Redgie


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