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Back in the 1980’s I started working in this glorious world of insurance. I still love it! So much has changed and the vast majority of it for the better. I certainly don’t use as much carbon paper as I did back then and I haven’t seen a microfiche for a good few years. The talent joining our industry is awesome. But one thing that always strikes me as not having progressed as much are the presentations brokers make on behalf of clients.

In the regional broker space, the look and feel of a lot of the presentations we receive has changed very little over this time – is this because there’s nothing to improve on? Or is it because insurers have all the tech needed to look at risk from different angles?

Insurance is about people, trust and relationships but a lot of what we see is emailed (that’s one advance admittedly!) a flat document with the broad sums insured and trade - nothing to get too excited about. We are however beginning to see some brokers make a change, but we want to see more of you getting creative with your presentations. We want to see presentations that can really get the underwriter dreaming about helping you to win the client!

Look at the way tech has changed the client claims experience. Nowadays we’re paying claims almost immediately while an unfortunate client shows us around the damage via their phone. It cuts out cost and it sorts the problem quicker. It’s a startling contrast to how things were – using tech makes things happen faster and gets better results for your clients. Look at the way personal lines businesses embrace technology for their clients, in fact look at what every other business does… hold that thought.

Just think about that phone for a minute (I won’t go into that old story of your phone having more computing power than the first lunar rocket – is that the most over-used comparison ever?) How can it help you to win business? Well it has video and live streaming capability for a start. How many brokers add video content to their presentations to demonstrate a tricky process? Or show why their client is a cut above? Or introduce the potential customer? We don’t see photos of that stuff as often as we’d like to either. These are simple fixes that can really make your presentation stand out from the rest!

I know that we’re all busy, and you could argue that you simply don’t have time to be more creative with presentations, or even “no-one else does it” – but perhaps that is exactly why you should? Doing what others don’t will mean that your presentations will sit above the rest and help you achieve the very best for your clients.

Bring us into the client’s world a little bit more and I think you’ll be surprised at how much more creative support you’ll get from your underwriters. You’ll be at the top of that massive pile and you will win more business. When we can’t get together in person, use skype for face-to-face discussions - invite your clients even - and talk us through what you need! It’s not hard to stand out…

If anyone would like a free headset and webcam to enable these remote meetings, CLICK HERE, leave a message and youTalk-insurance will pass your enquiry on to Mike.

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Mike Greenland heads up the Aviva Broker Community. It’s aimed at bringing the best of Aviva to smaller regional, independent brokers, helping them thrive in challenging times. He’s been in underwriting and broking for a very long time…

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