About Folgate

Since our establishment in 1993, we have always built our business on relationships and service via our UK broker partners, each of whom have direct access to a selected Business Account Manager.

Our commercial lines products include property owners, shops, offices, hotels, commercial combined, contractors, tradesman, cleaners, excess of loss and professional indemnity, all traded via our own extranet system as well as a select presence on Acturis.

Brokers have the ability to quote and buy on our on-line trading platform, but also have direct access to our experienced underwriters for anything they need to discuss, or to send submissions over.

Our limits per risk are as follows:

  • Property £30,000,000
  • Employers Liability £35,000,000
  • Public & Products Liability £35,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity £10,000,000

We strive to constantly evolve our products and offerings, with some exciting new launches coming soon, including more via Acturis.