Planning for a return to the office


With many businesses now operating remotely for more than 7 weeks and employees adjusting to a new way of living, it can be difficult to imagine life at the end of lockdown. A return the office requires a wealth of planning, so here at Q Underwriting, we’ve put together some top tips to help get you started.


Understandably, staff will be nervous about heading back to the office so it’s important to listen to their concerns whenever they are presented; show them that their safety is your priority. Be transparent in your expectations and demonstrate your preparation by involving them in change management plans.


Can employees feasibly continue to work from home if they need to? Will you still allow leeway for those who have to take time off to self-isolate if they live with somebody displaying COVID-19 symptoms? Consider your HR policies around issues such as remote working, flexible working and sickness and absence.

When things do eventually return to a semblance of normality, it is likely that social distancing measures will still be a requirement. Think about the necessity of bringing your entire workforce back into the office; can some employees continue to work from home, or can you adjust working hours so there isn’t an influx of people in the building at one time?

You should also consider the current configuration of your workplace; offices were not configured the way they will need to be once certain restrictions lift.

With proper planning, bringing your employees back to work will be a seamless process. For the full article CLICK HERE

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