Managing business travel after Coronavirus


With almost every populate region of the globe affected by coronavirus, citizens across the world have seen their lives change daily. There have been questions ever since the virus hit the UK surrounding employee travel and the necessity of continuing to hold networking events, face-to-face meetings, and training courses.

As you are aware, there are severe travel restrictions in place right now. Residents in the UK presently are only allowed to leave the house once a day for exercise and are not permitted to travel too far from their homes. When lockdown lifts and the time comes to start welcoming employees back to work, you will of course need to consider how meetings and events will work in a post-coronavirus world.

Some things to consider include:

Travel restrictions imposed by governing bodies – do any travel plans the company may have adhere to government guidelines? Guidelines may be different from one place to another, so you should ensure you check the restrictions put in place at the destination.

The health and safety of the employee – If the individual going is displaying symptoms, they should not be permitted to travel. If your employee seems uneasy about attending a meeting, this should be considered.

The risk – think about the length of time the trip will take, how densely populated the destination is and if there have been a significantly large number of cases reported in that area. Similarly, the same considerations should be made about the place the employee is travelling from.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there is usually another way of doing something if the standard approach poses too high a risk. For the full article, CLICK HERE

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