There is nothing standard about our non-standard Commercial Vehicle!


Authored by Prestige Underwriting

Amidst the backdrop of a volatile marketplace, the demand for cover for unusual risks is on the rise.  The Prestige Underwriting Non-standard Motor and Commercial Vehicle risk appetite is diverse and boasts a wide-ranging appetite and in recent months we have recorded a marked increase in enquiries for some quirky risks across a range of industries and professions….

Health & Fitness Industry

This has included vehicles modified to support the services of occupational therapists and mobile gyms for personal trainers, fitted out with ice baths and saunas to provide a mobile therapy and rehab service to clients.

On a similar vein we have also secured cover for modified vehicles on behalf of a healthcare company.  The vehicle has been modified and fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment in order to travel to various locations and deliver a mobile health screening service.  We have also secured cover for a Sensory wellbeing van modified to provide sensory support and experiences for mobile visits to libraires, schools and youth establishments.

Construction Industry

Welfare vehicles modified for businesses including construction companies.


Mobile gaming vans-modified with games consoles and gaming equipment, hired out for kids parties, birthdays, weddings, and corporate days

Pet-Care/ Grooming/ Doggie Day Care

For all the animal lovers and enthusiasts, vans modified with built-in cages to facilitate mobile solutions for dog walkers and dog borders, dog grooming.

Catering Industry

In addition to the quirky and novel risks designed to support the delivery of the above industries, there remains a steady demand for insurance cover for mobile catering vehicles. As the days get brighter and summer approaches, catering vehicles - from burger vans to coffee huts and everything in between - are back on the road as they set up at festivals, parks, private events and even a quirky addition at a wedding reception. Our non-standard CV product has a wide risk appetite and offers cover for a wide range of risks, very much in seasonal demand this time of year including Food vendors, Coffee carts, Ice cream vans and Modified vans.

Securing insurance for modified CVs doesn’t need to be difficult.   As our risk appetite evolves to meet market demand, we look forward to providing bespoke cover for the growing range of niche and quirky vehicles on our roads! 

Brokers can face challenges with placing some of these Non-Standard risks with no-quote options on standard EDI platforms however the Prestige Underwriting team are always on hand to step-in and provide a suitable solution, especially when computer says no!

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