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Our National Trading Centre (NTC) launched in 2017 in response to broker demand. Bringing together a team of experienced telephone account managers and empowered underwriters, we can make decisions quickly, providing brokers with a consistent, attentive, and responsive service regardless of where they’re based.

The team pride themselves on providing top-level customer service and helping brokers solve problems. But don’t just take our word for it – we sat down with two of our key broker partners to chat about their experiences with the NTC…

Q&A with Tracey Train, Director, Lagentium Insurance Brokers

Lagentium Insurance Brokers are based in Castleford. Originally named R Collins, they’ve been operating since 1972 and have provided insurance solutions for thousands of businesses and individuals.

When did you start working with the NTC?

We’ve worked with NIG for over 25 years, initially with the Leeds branch. But we moved to the NTC around 18 months ago, as it better suits our current needs.

What has your experience been?

Really positive. We have a strong relationship with our telephone account manager and we’ve found them helpful on a number of cases. It feels like we’re talking to the right people who are putting us in the right places. We always find the team very responsive and quick to issue quotations.

How did you build up a strong relationship?

Initially, we arranged a meeting via Broker Network. From day one, we could see steps being taken to make sure issues weren’t arising and the team have been proactive in their efforts to grow the account. We have regular contact with our telephone account manager and we get regular reports and updates.

What do you look for in an insurance provider?

Good service. Someone who actually listens to what we need and who works hard to find solutions rather than just saying ‘no’ straightaway. It’s important they’re proactive, asking us for more information if they need it, for example, rather than us having to chase them all the time.

Can you give an example of a particular challenge the NTC has been able to help you with?

We were asked to quote for a construction client, which included a large fleet of 105 vehicles. The team at the NTC went through everything with us in detail and in the end helped us secure the client – who was brand new to us – by helping us get the rates to where they needed to be.

Could you describe working with the NTC in 3 words?

Responsive, helpful, and efficient.

Q&A with Carla Preston, Managing Director, Robert Gerrard & Co

Robert Gerrard & Co are a family-run insurance broker that have been trading in east London since 1971. Today they work with over 400 businesses in the lift industry sector alone.

When did you start working with the NTC?

Around 2017. Mark, our current telephone account manager, contacted us, and we got on, so we decided to give the NTC a try. We found the team deliver on what they say they’ll do – they don’t overpromise. We kept working together and now they are on our panel of top tier insurers.

What has your experience been?

We’ve found the team are all passionate, but that passion is backed up by experience. They’re also reliable – if the team say they’ll come back to me by Monday on something, I know they will, and we can always get hold of someone when we need them.

How did you build up a strong relationship?

We’ve got great trust between us, as the team always do what they say they will. Our telephone account manager is very straight-talking, and if there’s ever something he can’t do, he’ll be open and honest about the reasons why.

What do you look for in an insurance provider?
Efficiency, flexibility, and a hunger to do business.

Can you give an example of a particular challenge the NTC has been able to help you with?

We had a relatively recent situation where we were under attack, and the NTC were able to give us an exclusive quotation which helped us retain the business.

Could you describe working with the NTC in 3 words?

Efficient, hungry, passionate.

To find out more about the NTC, give us a call for a chat today.

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