RMP and HDI Global webinar: University clinical trials insurance cover


RMP and HDI Global present: University Clinical Trials Insurance Cover - Seeking certainty in an experimental world

The search for a COVID-19 vaccine is pushing the clinical trials of new drugs, vaccines and medical equipment into the spotlight. Those responsible for managing the risks associated with clinical trials in higher education need access to expertise and the full range of choices if they are to protect their institution, its reputation and staff with an effective insurance solution.

This webinar, co-organised by partners in higher education insurance, RMP and HDI Global, is aimed at those responsible for buying insurance or involved in managing clinical trials risks at UK universities. The event is designed to breakdown this complex area, giving a clear explanation and valuable insight into what can be insured, what information needs to be gathered and the process for getting the right cover put in place.

You can find details of the webinar below:

"University Clinical Trials Insurance Cover - Seeking certainty in an experimental world".

Date: 25 November 2020

Time: 11:30 -12:30 GMT

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