HDI Global launches remote virtual risk survey app for industrial customers


Authored by HDI Global SE

The preceding months have been marked by a wide array of contact and travel restrictions and both everyday life and the working world have been greatly altered by the pandemic.  At the same time, digitalisation has taken enormous strides forward. Although many familiar working processes were complicated by the new circumstances, innovative ways of working have been developed, opening up new horizons. A new buzzword in this context is "remote" – a solution that works at a distance. 

In responding to these circumstances, the industrial insurer HDI Global SE has created a new solution for digitally based remote work processes.  Together with a German start-up company, HDI Risk Consulting (HRC) has developed the new HDI Remote App which makes it possible to conduct virtual risk surveys for HDI customers without deploying physical staff to the field. This allows risk assessment procedures to take place in situations where pandemics or political unrest make direct access infeasible, or where security concerns or a location's remoteness impede travel by using a real-time interactive environment.

The HDI Remote App is certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. This ensures that all relevant data protection and security requirements have been met.

How does a remote risk survey by app work?

The HRC Remote App allows the HRC risk engineers to remotely perform on-site surveys using the camera and audio features of a typical mobile device or data glasses used by the customer. By connecting via our platform, the risk engineers can see what the customer see and guide them appropriately even when not physically there, while combining engineering expertise with Remote Support based on Augmented Reality - the computer-assisted extension of a physical reality.

HDI Global: Bringing risk expertise to plant and machinery situations anywhere in the world

The HRC Remote App makes it possible to deliver enhanced remote guidance, visually connecting specialists, technicians and risk engineers. Practical step-by-step explanations given by the HRC experts in advance, will ensure that all the safety related concerns a customer may have will be cleared in advance of a remote inspection thus facilitating a reduction in the risk exposure through effective collaboration while the app is used on site.

There are many possible applications for the app. These can range from: consulting on a construction site, assessing a transport or loading activity, performing a classic property survey – all the known specialist areas of HDI Risk Consulting you are familiar with, can be covered. From an initial or baseline survey, to a follow-up for checking risk improvement measures progress, or to discuss additional actions to take to improve the quality of the risk. The HRC Remote App wide range of features will provide customers with effective solutions and quick turnaround service level in a new way of working.

"Building long-term relationships with our customers by strengthening personal contacts and providing tailor-made consulting and support solutions remains a top priority for us. The remote survey option is not intended in any way to replace on-site inspections, but rather to complement them as an additional service." Oliver U. Vogel, Head of Risk Consulting Engineering


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