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From remote-controlled construction machinery in crisis areas to converting normal vehicles for autonomous driving, companies such as Gravis Robotics or Embotech are advancing social and technological progress with innovative digital business models. With the insurance solutions of its Digital Solutions division, industrial insurer HDI Global acts as a partner and enabler to companies worldwide that are driving forward the digital transformation by minimising and assuming the associated risks.

HDI can call on more than 120 years of experience in industrial insurance to demonstrate extensive expertise in protecting companies against complex risks. As digitisation continues, manufacturing companies worldwide are in flux. More digitally designed business models are emerging, and established players are changing their business models to keep pace with digital developments such as artificial intelligence or robotics.

Companies face unprecedented risks due to the transformations brought about by new technologies. This is where HDI Global's Digital Solutions unit comes in. It specialises in insurance solutions for partners in autonomous vehicles and systems, micromobility and online digital technology. Meryem Seyyar (pictured), Head of HDI Digital Solutions, explains: “In most cases, there are still no insurance solutions for the specific needs and novel risks of these innovation drivers. To address this, we develop tailored new insurance concepts.” In this way, HDI Digital Solutions helps its partners gain the trust of their customers and investors in their novel products and services and reduce their financial risk. “We see ourselves as a partner to our customers. As such, especially in times of accelerated market transformation, we support them in developing their business from the beginning and across all value chain steps,” Seyyar said. HDI Global is active worldwide as part of the Talanx Group. This means that the insurance solutions for customers from the digital sector can be easily scaled for other regions and adapted to local market regulations.

New partners in robotics and autonomous driving

The latest cooperation partners of the Digital Solutions unit include two spin-off companies that started at ETH Zurich, which stands for excellent framework conditions for academic research. Their graduates are in demand worldwide as specialists and managers.

Gravis Robotics AG develops teleoperation tools that can be used to control construction machinery where human judgment is indispensable, but using a driver on site would be associated with high risks. With supporting functions such as autonomous manoeuvres, self-stabilisation and augmented reality, the vehicles can be controlled to the same level of proficiency as if a human were at the wheel.

Embotech AG, as a solution provider for autonomous driving systems, has already established itself as an SME. The company's embeddable decision software is used in the automated driving of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and industrial robotics. It solves complex optimisation problems in milliseconds, enabling autonomous systems to make better safety, productivity, and energy efficiency decisions.

HDI Global's Digital Solutions unit provides insurance for the liability risks of these technologies – enabling technological advancements in high-risk areas. “We are very pleased to insure cutting-edge progress once again through our collaborations with Gravis Robotics and Embotech. Together with them, we will gain valuable insights regarding the insurance of innovative technologies and further develop our products to benefit the entire insured community,” explains Meryem Seyyar. “As insurers, we see ourselves as having a social responsibility. Technological progress is never without risk. HDI Global helps companies shoulder this risk and thus contributes to making entrepreneurial visions for a better world a reality.”

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