FloodFlash to exhibit at 2022 Airmic conference to grow risk manager community presence


Authored by FloodFlash

FloodFlash, the parametric insurance technology company that pays catastrophic flood claims within 48 hours, today announced their return to the Airmic conference in June 2022. In just under two weeks, team FloodFlash head to the ACC Liverpool, in St Albert Docks.

The conference features thought leadership sessions with a focus on ESG issues – one of the key contemporary issues in the risk management sector. Several recognisable names join the Airmic members, including Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson, and rugby broadcaster Jill Douglas in a fireside chat with stars Ugo Monye and Nathan Hines. Retired army officer General Sir Richard Shirreff rounds off the special talks.

FloodFlash and risk management

The Airmic conference is a natural fit for FloodFlash parametric insurance. In selecting sensor placement and policy trigger depths, FloodFlash clients reward clients who engage in positive risk management practices. The conference will look to broach key ESG challenges, one of which is maintaining property value for businesses and communities threatened by catastrophic flooding.

The return of FloodFlash+ is set to take centre stage. FloodFlash+ relaunched under the stewardship of new Head of FloodFlash+ Richard Coyle towards the end of last year. Now available around the world, FloodFlash+ is a fantastic tool to support businesses with large and more complex risks.

FloodFlash Commercial Director Brent Jackson on Airmic 2022

FloodFlash Commercial Director Brent Jackson said “Airmic is one of the most exciting conferences of the year. The ACC will play host to incomparable expertise when it comes to risk management. We look forward to getting stuck in and share the advances we’ve made since the last conference in Brighton.”

“ESG sits on top of the agenda, and rightfully so. In the years to come FloodFlash will play an increasingly important role in Environmental, Societal and Governance spaces. Ensuring that businesses are resilience to climate risks has knock on effects for the livelihoods and communities they support. We have a lot to bring to the conversation. We can’t wait for the start of June.”

About FloodFlash

80% of the world’s catastrophic flood losses aren’t insured. That’s $58bn of uncovered damage, and it’s getting bigger each year because of climate change, population growth and urbanization. FloodFlash is an insurance technology company that combines computer models, cloud software and internet-of-things sensors into flood cover that protects those the insurance industry has left behind.

The Airmic conference starts on the Monday the 6th of June, ending on Wednesday the 8th. For more information about FloodFlash at the 2022 Airmic conference contact chris@floodflash or call 0203 608 6620.


About FloodFlash

FloodFlash is a new type of rapid-payout flood insurance. It uses the latest data modelling and connected tech to bring parametric insurance to the mass market for the first time. The result is fast, easy and flexible cover that pays claims within days of a flood.

FloodFlash is parametric or `event-based` insurance. When buying the cover, the client chooses the depth of flooding they wish to insure against and how much they’d receive when that flood happens. When the FloodFlash sensor installed at the property detects flood water at the selected depth, the claim is paid in full. No waiting. No haggling.

FloodFlash rapid-payouts were put to the test in February 2020 when Storm Ciara swept across the UK. Claims related to the storm were paid in full within a single day. That speed of claims payment remains the fastest and best proof of mass-market parametric insurance to date gaining acclaim at industry awards and recognition from The Times, The Telegraph and the BBC.

FloodFlash operates across Britain, is headquartered in London. Floodflash is a registered coverholder at Lloyd`s of London and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.