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As part of National Apprenticeship week, we’ll be shining a light on the positive impact that apprentices have here at DCL…

We have supported our apprentices to achieve 56 Cert CII qualifications since the DCL Academy began, and the work-based training we provide can truly help the future workforce develop real-life skills and knowledge.

We spoke to two members of staff this week to find out what they had to say about their apprenticeship experience…

An Interview with Thomas, Claims Apprentice

What has your experience been like at the DCL Academy so far, what have you enjoyed the most?

My experience has been excellent at the DCL academy so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning the vast array of skills and acquiring the in-depth knowledge relating to the insurance industry. I have most enjoyed learning about the various service agents DCL uses to deliver high quality, fast service to their clients.

What would you tell others who are considering an underwriting/claims apprenticeship?

I would tell them that it is an incredibly interesting and though-provoking endeavour, and that they must be prepared to rethink everything they knew about insurance previously!

What made you decide to go into Insurance?

I decided to go into the claims side of insurance as it is a very varied pathway which involves developing a multitude of skills, ranging from customer service, to organization, to decision making. These are all skills I knew I possessed and could develop further through this apprenticeship, alongside learning about the insurance industry which I have always been fascinated by.

The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Skills for life’. What skills do you hope to acquire as part of your apprenticeship that will put you in good stead, not only in your career, but in life?

I hope to acquire further skills relating to teamwork, communication, professionalism and IT literacy. All of these skills I believe will aid me throughout my career and in many other areas of life due to their high demand and use.

An interview with Daniel, Qualified Claims Adjuster

What was your experience like at the DCL Academy, what did you enjoy the most?

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the DCL Academy.  It was great to start the DCL Academy with other people who were a similar age and had a similar degree of experience.  It was fantastic to be part of and watch all of the academy members grow with knowledge and confidence over the months. Senior staff at DCL always made me feel welcome and offered assistance if required.  I would definitely recommend the DCL academy to anybody considering an apprenticeship.

What would you tell others who are considering an underwriting/claims apprenticeship?

I would strongly encourage someone who is considering the DCL apprenticeship to apply!  Not only do you obtain a great qualification, you also gain on the job experience with knowledgeable staff.  The combination of gaining qualifications and real job experience is unrivalled.

What made you decide to go into insurance?

I decided to go into insurance as I wanted a career that I could progress with.  At DCL, I have progressed by completing the apprenticeship as well as being taught and guided by senior staff.  I am now a Claims Adjuster with over five years-experience and have progressed to dealing with personal injury claims.  I believe without the knowledge gained from the apprenticeship and from senior staff I could not have progressed to the degree that I have.

The theme for this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Skills for life’. What skills do you feel you acquired as part of your apprenticeship that have put you in good stead in your career, but also in life?

Some of the key skills that I have developed during my apprenticeship with DCL are great organisational skills, positive mindset and confident communication skills.  These skills are transferrable not only for my job in the claims department but also for life in general!

How do you feel in your role at DCL having completed an apprenticeship?

Having completed my apprenticeship, I feel confident in my role as a Claims Adjuster.  When I began my apprenticeship all of the Senior staff helped guide me and I am now in a position to help the new apprentices develop within their new roles.  I would certainly recommend the DCL academy to anybody considering an apprenticeship.

Looking to kick start your career in insurance?

We encourage any students who may be finishing their A levels this year and are thinking about their next steps, to consider applying for a spot on our popular apprenticeship programme at the DCL Academy.

Find out more about the apprenticeship opportunities available within our claims department HERE


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