DCL broker barometer: Communication key to managing expectations when it comes to claims delays


The Direct Commercial Limited (DCL) Broker Barometer revealed a concerning trend as the majority of brokers surveyed state that policyholders continue to experience delays in claims repair across the whole haulage and broader commercial motor class of business.

The survey highlights a significant challenge faced by all brokers, with 85% of broker clients experiencing delays in getting their vehicles back on the road following a claim. This delay not only impacts operational efficiency but also contributes to increased complexities for brokers in managing client expectations and satisfaction.

Compounding the challenges faced by brokers is the fact that only half (47%) of policyholders understand that delays are often attributed to supply chain factors, influenced by the rise in inflation across the UK. Unfortunately, 53% of policyholders tend to place blame on insurers or brokers, creating a misalignment in perception between the brokers and their clients.

While the findings shed light on the pressing challenges faced by commercial motor brokers, Direct Commercial are at the forefront of the industry navigating these complexities. They ensure that claims processes are streamlined, communication between brokers, clients and repairers is enhanced, and a better understanding of the factors contributing to delays in vehicle repair is shared.

Carl Cripps of Direct Commercial Limited, said:

"We are committed to supporting brokers and policyholders with navigating these challenges. Our focus remains on ensuring that claims processes are streamlined and a better understanding of the factors contributing to delays in vehicle repair is fostered. Our quarterly claims review meetings with both broker and policyholders are essential to that. These enable us to discuss ongoing claims so that brokers and policyholders remain informed, and there is more transparency around our processes.”

Direct Commercial Limited remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting brokers and fostering growth within the commercial motor insurance sector.

Authored by Direct Commercial


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