AXA publishes back to business update for pubs and close contact services


Authored by Douglas Barnett, Director, Mid-Market and Customer Risk Management, AXA Insurance

Alongside close contact services, pubs reopened in parts of the UK over the weekend. However, two thirds are still to take the considerable steps to open their doors to the public.

Our latest practical guides will assist you in understanding their issues and responsibilities.

Post coronavirus start up guidance: Bars, pubs and restaurants

Post-coronavirus start-up guidance: Collecting customer data

The Government have now extended guidance on retaining customer/visitor information aimed to assist with the Test and Trace strategy to restrict the spread of Covid-19 virus. We already know this system is crucial in keeping us safe as several pubs that opened over the weekend have already reported customers testing positive for coronavirus. It does however provide its own challenges as it presents new responsibilities on the safe storage of customer data.

 The premises that the guidance relates to specifically is below, however the guidance should be utilised as best practice for all other business in the UK for appropriate information that they should be recording:

Hospitality, including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés.

Tourism and leisure, including hotels, museums, cinemas, zoos and theme parks and close contact services, including hairdressers, barbershops and tailors.

Facilities provided by local authorities, including town halls and civic centre’s for events, community centres, libraries and children’s centres.

Places of worship, including use for events and other community activities.

Should additional advice be required for your customers or as you reopen your own offices the AXA Business Resilience team can be contacted through your usual contacts.


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