AXA UK launches ‘Future You will thank you’ campaign

  • ‘Future You will thank you’ campaign focuses on AXA’s motor, home, business and health insurance offerings
  • Channel 4 stars George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas and Jason Fox talk about early life decisions that their ‘future you’ has thanked them for

AXA UK has launched its new campaign, ‘Future You will thank you’, including a media partnership with Channel 4.

Developed by Fallon UK, part of Leo Burnett, the idea behind the campaign builds on the fact that insurance is something you get today for peace of mind, but it really pays off in the future, if and when you need it: Future You will thank you. The campaign runs across a range of channels, including AV, out-of-home and digital, complemented by a media partnership with Channel 4 led by Starcom, extending the brand platform and using Channel 4 talent George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas and Jason Fox.

The hero 30 sec film produced by Pulse, opens with the calming, recognisable voice of comedian Ivan Battaliero-Owen (Ogmios Zen), who states: “AXA Insurance… good choice”, as a man takes out an insurance policy with AXA UK. We see the ‘future’ version of the man applauding his decision. We then see several more ‘future’ versions thanking him. Each scenario relates back to AXA UK’s home, car, business and health insurance offerings. The film ends with the fun image of all the man’s future versions of himself that needed insurance, thanking him enthusiastically. 

The campaign is supported by digital and out-of-home which uses the group hug shot from the end of the film with the campaign line “Future You will thank you”, and is complemented by a short animation which bring the group hug to life.

The campaign idea and strategy were created by Fallon UK, while media strategy, buying and partnership development was driven by media agency, Starcom. The campaign is supported by a partnership with Channel 4, also brokered by Starcom. 

As part of the partnership, Channel 4 created a series of contextual ads based on the original ‘Future You will thank you’ idea, featuring well-known Channel 4 personalities – George Clarke, Scarlette Douglas and Jason Fox. The ads bring the brand platform to life: showing the three celebrities reflecting on their careers and paths to success through these avenues, highlighting the message that our future selves will thank us for the good choices we make today. This launched in the first ad break during the Channel 4 programme George Clarke’s Old House, New Home on 23 August.

"This Masterbrand campaign aims to promote awareness of the breadth of insurance that AXA UK offers: home, car, health and business insurance. We used every tool in our arsenal to cut through in a competitive category by sweating our brand cues: from a creative idea that has a pure product and consumer insight at its heart, to a production technique that delivers standout and a media strategy that extends the idea beyond the traditional formats." - Barney Bailey, Brand & Sponsorship Director at AXA UK

"We wanted to create a fun creative platform for AXA UK that punches above its weight and makes you smile. Amongst others, we were delighted to work with the brilliant Ogmious Zen who brings a big dollop of humour through his VO and helps make the film so memorable." - Graham Lakeland, Creative Director at Fallon UK

"This partnership perfectly brings to life the ‘Future You will thank you’ message by engaging with a credible partner such as Channel 4, and harnessing the power of their talent and personal stories. It’s great to see AXA UK unlocking new audiences by testing new environments such as this with branded content, elevating the brand message and enhancing their brand recognition." - Sacha Feldman, Partnerships Director at Starcom UK

"We are delighted to be working with AXA, to help amplify the launch of their ad campaign, this collaboration is a great example of how we can complement a new creative by utilising our talent to create bespoke C4 versions, placing them contextually, to help to drive a deeper connection with our audiences." - Angus Mitchell, Customer & Commercial Leader at Channel 4

Authored by AXA


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