10% drivers don't think they could pass UK driving test


One in 10 drivers questioned in a new road safety survey said they didn’t think they could pass a UK practical driving test, while a further 13% weren’t sure they’d be successful.

The research by insurer AXA UK and Brake, the road safety charity, focused on testing and education and surveyed more than 2000 drivers on issues including their knowledge of the Highway Code, fitness to drive and their views on test standards and tuition.

Other key findings:

  • 35% of respondents didn’t know if they could pass a UK driving theory test
  • 71% of respondents didn’t know the correct distance they should keep from the car in front on an open road in dry weather
  • 59% of respondents didn’t know the national speed limit on dual carriageways and 55% couldn’t identify the national speed limit on single lane roads

Following the study, AXA UK and Brake are calling on the Government to convene a high-level strategic review of driver education, testing and licensing.

AXA Commercial CEO Jon Walker said: “This report highlights some key concerns regarding driver knowledge, training and education. It’s alarming to see that one in 10 drivers don’t think they could pass a practical driving test and more than a third wouldn’t be confident to sit a theory test. This perhaps reflects the ongoing changes that we experience on our roads today, from cycle superhighways to 20mph zones and low traffic neighbourhoods.

“The Highway Code is constantly being revised to take these changes into account and it’s incumbent on drivers to ensure they stay up to date with regulations. Our research shows that this isn’t the case, with 71% of respondents unable to identify the correct distance they should keep from the car in front and 59% choosing the incorrect national speed limit on dual carriageways.

“The report raises a number of issues around driver education, testing and licensing that warrant further consideration, and we urge the Government to undertake a high-level strategic review to explore them in more detail.”

Brake interim CEO Ross Moorlock commented: “This research suggests that some are not confident in their driving skill level and maybe lack the understanding of how best to maintain their level to test standard. We at Brake would very much want to work with people and organisations to find a solution that would raise the bar so everyone would feel suitably able to pass their test every time they got into their vehicle."

CLICK HERE to read the full report.


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