Aviva research shows that brokers are making strides towards Net Zero

  • 27% of brokers are now actively implementing Net Zero plans compared to 17% in 2022
  • An additional 31% of brokers have developed a Net Zero plan, but have yet to take action
  • 97% say they’re actively interested in helping to make their – and their clients’ – businesses more sustainable

UK brokers are taking positive steps on their journey towards Net Zero, with 27% saying they’re actively implementing Net Zero plans, up from 17% in 2022, Aviva research shows.

Aviva’s latest Broker Barometer survey reveals that a further 31% of brokers have developed a plan but have not taken any steps to implement it, while one-third of brokers (33%) have committed to developing a plan.

However, the importance of implementing Net Zero plans is high on brokers’ radars. The overwhelming majority of brokers (97%) said they were actively interested in making their, and their clients’, businesses more sustainable. Survey results also highlighted that it’s not only brokers who are keen to understand more, with 26% of brokers saying their clients asked them for advice on reducing their carbon footprint.

Making a difference

Brokers have implemented a wide range of sustainable actions in their effort to move towards Net Zero, from making greater use of video calling (33%) to using renewable energy to power their operations (20%).

Ten most popular actions brokers have taken to reduce their impact on the environment:

Aviva has introduced several initiatives to support brokers and businesses on this journey to Net Zero, including electric vehicle charging point insurance designed to offer comprehensive cover and peace of mind to businesses installing EV charging points.

Adam Winslow, Chief Executive Officer of Aviva UK & Ireland General Insurance, said: “It’s fantastic to see that 10% more brokers have brought their Net Zero plans to life since our last survey. While this is an encouraging upward trend, we need to be mindful of those brokers who do not yet have an active plan and provide practical initiatives and training to support the uptake of implementation.

“Aviva wants the UK to be as climate-ready as possible as part of our ambition to be Net Zero in 17 years’ time, and we want to bring our broker partners with us on that journey. To help with this, we’re running a series of broker pilots using a proprietary app to help them identify the impact their business has on the environment and wider society, and to help them set realistic sustainability goals and measure progress against targets.

“The move to Net Zero undoubtedly presents a huge commercial opportunity for the insurance industry as businesses of all kinds will have to adapt their operations. This is particularly the case for brokers who are trusted to use their own experience and expertise to help businesses manage their risk and be more resilient during times of change.

“Brokers that are delivering guidance on becoming a Net Zero business, as well as their insurer partners, will want to be confident that they are leading by example. We all have to play our part in meeting our collective Net Zero climate goals.”

More information on Aviva’s Sustainability Ambition and what we are doing to achieve Net Zero by 2040 can be found HERE

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