Q&A on employment law issues following the ease of Lockdown


Authored by ARAG

While it was back in May that the Government first announced its Covid-19 recovery strategy, which included the staged relaxation of travel and workplace restrictions, many businesses are only now, tentatively, inviting employees back from homeworking or furlough.

Getting staff to come back into work prompts a host of legal questions, especially around health and safety, but also potential whistleblowing protection for staff who raise concerns about workplace safety.

Sarah Bowen, a barrister at 3PB Barristers, has reviewed the government guidance on reopening workplaces and considered it in the light of the complex health and safety obligations upon employers.

Sarah is a specialist practitioner in employment, discrimination and education law with extensive experience acting in cases involving discrimination, equal pay, unfair dismissal and whistleblowing.

The law and guidance relating to the contents of this document are constantly evolving. All reasonable endeavours have been used to ensure that this document is correct as of the date it was written. This document should not be taken as legal advice and should not be relied on as such by anyone. Neither 3PB Barristers nor the individuals accredited with writing these documents are providing any legal advice to ARAG or their policyholders by providing them with this information. Anyone considering this document should take legal advice before taking any action. ARAG policyholders should not rely on this document as a substitute for contacting the legal advice helpline.

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