Allianz risk management guide to motor vehicle lifting tables


With thousands of businesses providing vehicle owners with a range of services, few of us consider how hazardous the work can be.

Whether fixing a fault, conducting an MOT or a general service, vehicles are often raised for work to be carried out and this is where much of the danger can lie. If the vehicle lifting equipment has not been properly installed and maintained, or the mechanic is not sufficiently trained or supervised, then there are serious risks, and as experience has shown, these can be fatal.

Incidents typically involve an equipment failure or the car falling off the lifting tables, and crushing the worker beneath it. This is why axle stands, for example, must be properly positioned and the vehicle chocked to ensure it is stable. Safety comes from having the right equipment which is well maintained and regularly inspected. Employees also need to understand how they also play a key role in managing risk....

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