Our offices are continuing the #AustraliaDay celebrations with bake sales raising money for the bushfires and even getting some wildlife to visit the office during lunch! Thanks to Andrew from @PelagicAquatics for bringing them in 🦎🐍 https://t.co/iofJ9bZR0K
It's #AustraliaDay & our thoughts continue to be with those affected by the bushfires. As the fires continue to affect communities on an unprecedented scale, the @RedCrossAU is there providing practical, local support. If you'd like to donate: https://t.co/mMmoYM0JwX https://t.co/0Fgfu9QuxM
Thank you so much for your time over the past month @lukeambleruk, your workshops have been so valuable to those who attended & we've heard such positive things from all our offices 👏🏻😁 [2/2] https://t.co/oULjls2j29
The final stress workshops have been delivered by @lukeambleruk this week to our West Malling & Reading offices 🗣 The workshops aimed to help individuals recognise and respond to things that can cause them stress and give them ways to deal with them effectively...[1/2] https://t.co/Cc9biymoSs
@EmmaClaireShaw Hi Emma, I'm sorry that you're struggling to get through to us. Which team are you trying to get in contact with? Please can you DM us so I can ask a few questions to help arrange a call back for you. Many thanks, Giorgia
Thinking of joining us at future #Halifax #TalkDigital events? Or maybe you’re a regular at them already?! Either way, we’d love to find out if you have any particular topics you’d like to hear about. Let us know by replying to this thread or sending us a DM 📩
It’s our first #TalkDigital event of the year! 🙌🏼 Greg Wozniak, Lead Software Engineer at Covéa Insurance, is sharing his thoughts on what engineers we need in a new decade and how software engineering can evolve in web technologies 💻 https://t.co/DiemP3WGC7
@happydays_org Hey guys! To start the conversation could you send us a DM with more info please 🙌
We wanted to turn this #BlueMonday into a #BrightMonday & focus on the positive things that happened last year 😊 (We promise good things did happen!) Thank you to @PositiveNewsUK for such a joyous article: https://t.co/zMamWQtZiY
Thank you for coming in, it was great to see you and we're really looking forward to the year ahead 😁 [3/3] @heartofkenthosp https://t.co/47JSsNRxT4
There was also delicious cake on offer too (for a donation!) 🍰🍰 [2/3] @heartofkenthosp https://t.co/9hYPARPp8A
Our West Malling office had their 2020 charity partner launch today! 🎉 The lovely Claire & Lawrence from the @heartofkenthosp stopped by to speak to our staff about the charity as well as the fundraising events coming up that they can get involved in! [1/3] https://t.co/2LpEzZ8WgE
@Mr_P_Bunyan1982 Hi Paul, thank you for the update. Please send my apologies to your colleague that she wasn't able to get hold of us sooner. Best Wishes, Giorgia
@Mr_P_Bunyan1982 Hi Paul, thanks for your message and I'm sorry for the delayed response. Please can you DM us so I can ask for more information to help arrange a call back for your colleague. Many thanks, Giorgia
@laaurenmoore94 Hi Lauren, sorry for the delay in getting back to you & that you've been struggling to get through to us. Which team and phone number have you been calling? Can you please DM us so I can ask a few more questions to help arrange a call back for you. Thanks, Giorgia
We're excited to be speaking @TransitionPRec event tonight! The 1st talk will discuss the @CoveaInsplc culture & the impact we're creating as a tech dept in the industry. The 2nd talk will be from 2 of our top developers who will speak about the 'marriage' between node & react. https://t.co/HdoKTf503P
Our 1st #TalkDigital event of 2020 is on Tues 21st Jan 6-8pm @HalifaxUBC 💻 "Fail first & deliver - what engineers do we need in a new decade? Discussion about how software engineering can evolve in web technologies" To find out more & to sign up: https://t.co/2k7IwXIDiS https://t.co/qen9EQXjF0
Our Acturis e-trade Development Manager, Eugene O'Callaghan, spoke to @InsuranceTimes_ about what progress we've made over the last year to help benefit brokers, and what future developments are in the etrade pipeline 🗣️ https://t.co/bfM6iyMoWc
#StormBrendan is set to bring high winds & rain to the UK over the next few days and the @metoffice have issued multiple yellow weather warnings ⚠️ Here’s a Met Office guide on what you can do to stay safe in a storm: https://t.co/gWXSqPMpUB https://t.co/UO0iVL8bGv
@MetSwift_Social Thank you! 😁