About Cobra Network

Cobra Network is an award-winning, insurance broker network, with a growing membership of independent insurance brokers. Since 2003, we’ve remained focused on helping independent brokers meet their challenges and open-up new opportunities to help them stay competitive. We know what it’s like to be an independent broker – all the good bits, all the challenges. And we’ve never lost sight of why we first set up: to help commercial and personal lines brokers prosper and grow, and to stay independent.

We’ve evolved and enhanced our proposition to support the changing needs of the independent broker, listing to our members and giving them the tools to do more business, more easily.

With no membership fee; no requirement to change broking system; instant access to a wide range of markets; exclusive placement facilities including our own wholesale broking desk and CobraQuote, our e-trade quote and bind solution; a comprehensive package of free business support services; and the opportunity to earn additional income whilst saving on costs - what's not to like!

The reason Cobra Network is growing is because brokers like what we do, and they like how we do it. They know great benefits when they see them.