BIBA: meeting, sharing and celebrating with brokers


March 2017 marked one year in my role as Managing Director of NIG following several years within Direct Line Group.  I have since reflected on some of my personal highlights to date, one of which being BIBA 2016.

The first to be seen

As those of you that have been to this great exhibition in recent years will know, NIG has been amongst the first to welcome brokers to BIBA with our renowned hospitality including breakfast smoothies and decent coffee to get us all going after the night before!

More importantly, our stand has provided a great base in which to listen to our brokers talking about their businesses and also to share our plans of how we will support them to trade.

Hot topics

My entire executive team were there, as were many of my Regional Underwriting and Business Development Managers from our regional offices.  It was fantastic for us to be able to have so many worthwhile conversations directly with decision makers in such a short space of time. 

Implementation of the Insurance Act was high on the agenda as was the continuing debate around the impact of broker consolidation. I also enjoyed speaking about the breadth of our offering, not only in terms of product but also ways in which our brokers can benefit from trading with NIG, such as our One Quote to Market approach and Pre-Quote Survey capability.  Our latest Claims initiatives including Stormscoper and With You in Five were also discussed.

I'm really looking forward to BIBA 2017 and once again speaking to brokers about current opportunities and market challenges and how we can work together to succeed. 

Keep an eye on out for my next blog where I will talk about what will be happening on our stand this year.




Neil Manser is the Manager Director of NIG Commercial. He began his career as an accountant at Ernst & Young before becoming an Insurance Analyst working for a number of major investment banks including Merrill Lynch. His next move was into Investor Relations at stock market listed, Lloyd's insurer Brit Insurance and subsequently Direct Line Group. Neil played an integral role during the IPO of Direct Line Group, as well as leading the Group's Corporate Strategy and Development team. In March 2016 Neil was appointed Managing Director of NIG.
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