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What the FinTech?!

31 Jul 2015

Those of you that have worked in the insurance industry for a long period of time will remember the days that customers used to come visit your branch to arrange their insurance policies.  This would usually include filling out paperwork (by hand!) and potentially even calling up and talking to actual human beings in order to arrange a policy.

Posted by Ben Moore | QuoteSearcher
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Fancy a 30 minute 'make-over'?

21 May 2014
It's guaranteed to change the way you are perceived!
Wouldn't you like to appear more 'sexy' and appealing?
Feel fitter and leaner?
Look more positive and confident?
Attract success?
If you're not where you want to be - leaving things as they are is not an option.
Start by looking in the mirror (or seeking an honest opinion)
For, you're not the only thing that ge
Posted by Ron Tyler | Marketing Integrity
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