RSS Feed

What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication) feeds are raw, text files containing data such as a list of news items or blog posts. They can be used to automatically load information posted to a certain website into a personal aggregator allowing anybody to keep up to date with everything that gets posted, without having to manually find the content themselves.

How do you make use of an RSS feed?

To make use of an RSS feed generally you will want to pass it into a news feed aggregator, such as Feedly or Flipboard. These are programs with user interfaces that present the data loaded from the RSS feed in a clear, human-readable format, with varying degrees of customisation such as filtering and piping. They will typically refresh automatically, allowing you to quickly and easily view all the latest content from the feed as soon as it comes, in a similar way to how a social media site like Twitter may function.

How can I view youTalk-insurance's RSS feed?

Our RSS feed can be found here.