'Crash for Cash' insurance fraud gang leader jailed for 5 years


An organised criminal gang of 19 men and women, who carried out 'Crash for Cash' insurance fraud, have all been convicted at court.  

The final sentencing took place on Thursday, 15th December 2016. 

The other gang members were sentenced on Friday, 20th May and Thursday, 30th June respectively in relation to conspiracy to defraud and fraud by false presentation. 

The gang came to the attention of the Metropolitan Police Service on 27th December 2012, following a collision. The investigation found that the driver, Mohammed Zubair Jamil (sentenced to five year’s imprisonment on each of the eight indictments to run concurrently) had suddenly braked his vehicle before driving away from the scene. His accomplice, who was driving behind him, used this as an excuse to brake and stop his vehicle, which resulted in three innocent drivers to all be involved in a collision with each other. 

The investigation by the Met, supported by the insurance industry and the Insurance Fraud Bureau, found that Jamil, the company director for SAS Accident Management, and SAS Car Hire, based in Watford, was actually responsible for the organisation and execution of other induced collisions. Many of these were carried out by his associates who were either drivers or passengers in decoy cars. 

An induced 'crash for cash'-style collision often uses a decoy car which brakes heavily in traffic to cause another vehicle carrying several passengers to slam into its rear, typically in front of a pre-selected innocent motorist's vehicle. The car owner and the passengers then make false personal injury claims as a result of the collision.

Jamil's records were seized, resulting in a number of collisions and insurance claims to the value of £1.1million being investigated.

Detective Inspector David Hindmarsh, of the Met's Roads and Transport Policing Command, said: "This was an audacious, criminal act, carried out by unscrupulous people whose sole aim was to line their pockets at the expense of their victims. They did not care whatsoever that their reckless acts endangered the lives of innocent people."