CII publishes new guide ‘Ethics for the digital age’


The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has launched a new guide to digital ethical standards, setting out five core areas of responsibility for insurance professionals.

The code provides a framework of principles for professionals to use in ensuring client interests remain at the heart of technological progress.

This includes such issues as how to make ethical use of client data and analytics, helping practitioners to consider the wider ramifications of their digital initiatives, and guidance on how to navigate conflicts of interest.

The code also addresses the issue of the innate bias of digital technology and helps insurance professionals to consider the risk of discrimination.  

The guide has been put together by the CII’s Digital Ethics Forum, including digital and policy experts from the Association of British Insurers, British Insurance Brokers Association, Aviva, Worry & Peace and Capital Law.

Sian Fisher, CEO of the Chartered Insurance Institute, said: “As a profession, we earn the trust of the public by understanding their needs and providing products, services and advice that puts them at the centre.

“The public rightly judges us by the whole experience they receive, including how they feel their data may be used, the fairness of our decision-making, and the transparency of our communications.

“A clear and consistent ethical approach becomes ever more important as elements of our service are increasingly delivered digitally.”

For more details, and to read both the Digital Ethics Companion and the Accompanying Guide to Digital Ethics, please CLICK HERE


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