CII President Nick Turner calls for action to increase public trust


Nick Turner, president of the Chartered Insurance Institute, has called on individuals working in the insurance profession to commit to take action to increase public trust.

In a pre-recorded speech Mr Turner urged insurance professionals gathered at the CII President’s Dinner and Public Trust Awards to commit to focussing on at least one of four actions to increase the faith the public has in the sector.

The four actions are:

  1. Display Benevolence
  2. Maintain Competence
  3. Show integrity
  4. Behave consistently

In order for individuals to make a public display of their commitment to increasing trust in what the sector can deliver for consumers, Mr Turner asked insurance professionals to take part in a poll on the CII’s Twitter channel.

The poll asks insurance professionals to state which action they will focus on in the next 12 months.

Mr Turner, who was unable to attend the event at the Guildhall last night (12 March) due to his company’s coronavirus policy, said: “The insurance profession doesn’t make anything. We simply offer promises, so it is vital that the public trusts us.

“When trust is broken it breaks loudly and is read about by thousands, online, in a matter of seconds.

“Let us work together to deliver what is best for the consumer. Let us focus on benevolence, competence, integrity and consistency.

“We must make sure that whatever complexity arrives, whatever disasters befall our clients, whatever world volatility hits us, our expertise and trusted guidance lets our customers feel safe to live their lives in peace and tranquility.”

Authored by the CII


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